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    …the pork shank is delicious …and filling (I was just there). But at least 1/2 of the new menu items were never available because 1 of the 4 food stations was closed all the time because POP no longer has the full occupancy it used to have ..due to AoA opening across the lake.

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    it is huge!!!!! and comes with mashed potatoes and can have gravy also can get bbq sauce cup if you want it, my dh is a huge eater and almost couldnt finish it

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    🙁 I was sad to see a different menu in June when I was there. I always looked forward to the chicken pasta meal they had. I even made a special trip to Pop for that trip (we didn’t stay there in June) just for it and it was gone. 🙁

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    Amber Slater

    Oooh I wonder if the pork shank is anything like the one offered at Gaston’s Tavern in the new Fantasyland! If it is my husband is going to be making the walk over the friendship bridge from AOA to POP ALOT during our week stay! lol

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