Marvel Courting Johnny Depp to Play Doctor Strange

Johnny Depp; Doctor Strange

The Marvel Studios news just keeps rolling in! The last few months have seen an upswing in news coming from the studio, as ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ moves towards shooting next month, and with ‘Ant-Man’ gearing up to go into production soon. So now we’re starting to hear trickling of what will be coming after Marvel’s first Phase 3 film, ‘Ant-Man’, and it looks like Marvel will finally get their long gesturing take on their iconic character, Doctor Strange, off the ground. If that wasn’t enough to get people excited, this new news will: Marvel is in early talks with Johnny Depp to take the role of The Sorcerer Supreme in the upcoming film.

Latino Review was the first to break the story last night, which has since been confirmed by Variety this morning, stating that Depp and Marvel have begun having meetings to take the role. Marvel wants a recognizable actor for not only the role, but to carry the Marvel Cinematic Universe forward once Robert Downey, Jr. steps out of the Iron Man suit for good. It makes perfect sense to use someone like Depp, who not only already has a relationship with Marvel, but has a strong following with the general public, and he’s the kind of actor who will continue to bring the crowds into the Marvel films once Downey, Jr. has stepped down. Depp is said to be very keen to jump into the Marvel Universe, and is said to be a fan of the comics and the character.

I love the idea of Depp joining the ever growing Marvel Universe, and he’s a perfect fit for the character of Strange. As quirky as some of his roles may be, this is one where it gives him a chance to really act, without having the quirky qualities his typecast himself into as of late. Are you excited about the idea of Johnny Depp joining into the Marvel Universe? Let me know in the comments below!

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