Magic Kingdom – Top 5 Attractions For Seniors

The Magic Kingdom is just for kids – WRONG!! The Magic Kingdom is for absolutely everyone but does have particular appeal to the kids and yes, us older folks!! There are so many wonderful attractions that run the gamut from roller coasters to shows that it’s hard to pick just 5. Let’s check out those that are both entertaining and kind to the bodies of my fellow seniors.

  1. The Haunted Mansion - This just could be my favorite attraction at Walt Disney World. It underwent a major upgrade a few years ago and everything (and I mean everything) was improved. I’m excited about this years visit because the queue just underwent a huge overhaul and is now interactive. From what I’ve heard it’s amazing. So – in just the last few years, Disney has taken their best attraction and improved it to an unbelievable level. What can they do with it next? I don’t have a clue but stat tuned, they will come up with something.
  2. Pirates of the CaribbeanAnother Disney classic that just goes on and on. It’s a pleasant and fun sojourn with those evil pirates as they do what pirates do. It’s a comfortable boat ride with a couple of minor drops that will harm no one. The detail is amazing throughout, as you go under the bridge as you leave the town scene, check out the hairy legs of the pirate sitting on the bridge. Make sure you look for Captain Jack, he shows up at least 3 times.
  3. The Jungle CruiseThis is normally the first attraction we hit on every visit to the Magic Kingdom. Sure – the animatronics are not all that sophisticated and the “skipper’s” jokes are corny and tired (but oddly funny) but it’s a great way for seniors to kick off their Magic Kingdom visit. Take the time to ride it but try to do it early because lines can get long.
  4. “it’s a small world”-This one goes all the way back to the ’64 World’s Fair, when many of us seniors were still school kids. It’s bright and cheery and young kids (and a lot of seniors) really enjoy it. The music (OH!! that song) is likely to set up camp in your head and spend the rest of the day with you so be warned. It’s not really that bad and besides there are a lot worse things that could be rattling around in your head. Enjoy the very smooth and cheerful time you spend with the world’s kiddies and feel free to join them in song.
  5. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress - Another classic oldie!! Do you see a trend here? It looks like the older attractions are favored by the older folks, at least this older folk. This one has changed a little over the years but still focuses on “progress”. The animatronics, again, are not that sophisticated but the story line is entertaining and it’s a very relaxing way to spend a little bit of time. I particularly enjoy the scene changes where you sit there and rotate rather than the scenes rotating. Enjoy this one!!

There are so many of the old classics in the Magic Kingdom that it’s easy for seniors to have a wonderful time without even approaching a roller coaster. Make sure you try some of the older things even if the younger members of your party want to ride Space Mountain – you will not be sorry. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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  • CoreyA

    The Carousel of Progress was the only ride my grandmother would ride in her later years.