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    well with a little one in town you cant really ride Everest 🙁
    I missed out last trip..

    I think Disney needs to have kid play areas near the big rides so parent swap could benefit both parents

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    I’m with AJ in that I, oh–I mean my kids, need to see Cinderella Castle first. You definitely have a great point, however, it’s just that I know I’m not strong enough visit anywhere but Magic Kingdom first!

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    Ak! Animal Kingdom a HALF DAY park?? Oh my dear lord… you guys are missing out. I’ve spent 2 FULL days there on one trip once! Of course, being into photography helps, I love photgraphing that park. And dinner at Yak and Yeti yum. And nemo and festival of the lion king need to be done, and the parade…. and everest at least twice (in my top 3 favorite rides in the park), and all the little paths and trails to see the animals (including all the ones around the tree) take time plus the safari. I also love primeval whirl, which doesn’t look like a whole lot of anything but is a ton of fun!
    Anyways, I’m probably not going to change your mind but I’ve been to the park with many different people and no one has ever been bored with the full day (even with evening extra magic hours).

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    I didnt say it was easy 🙂

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    I hear ya, but I still have a built-in need to see the castle as soon as possible when I go under those purple arches! 🙂

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    that is a half day park
    we usually go there and do a few shows and then hit up dinner next door at Boma then shoot over to MK on the 3rd night in time for Spectromagic

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    What I find most shocking about this is that you actually go to Animal Kingdom, officially the worst place in the world.

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