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    We went on this in June 2012 with our then 7 year old and he loved it! He asked to do it again when we go back this summer. It’s more of a scavenger hunt than a tour but it is fun. We got to get in the fastpass line of at least one ride, sorry can’t remember if it was one or two rides. At the end there’s a surprise character meet and greet and it really surprised my son, it was great interaction from the character. I don’t wanna give away too much but it is worth it if you have a child that likes this sort of thing.

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    We always wanted to do this as pass holders, but have not. Not sure it was worth the money either. May wait until they are older to do the big Keys to the Kingdom one.

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    Scotty P

    I really would have liked if you went into more detail about what it is and what sort of things it includes. From just reading this it sounds to me like a waste of two hours you could spend enjoying the actual park.

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