1. 97


    Those are cute. That would be a great thing to take along!

  2. 96

    Sheila Leach

    So Cute!

  3. 95

    Katie Ard

    how adorable I would love it!

  4. 94

    Kelley Walburn Chin

    Great giveaways! I love this bag!

  5. 93

    Teryl Figgins

    This would be fun!

  6. 92

    Kathryn Amatruda Coppola

    Thanks for your great giveaways!

  7. 91


    My wife saw this and loves it!

  8. 90

    susan wiener

    super giveaway. thx much.

  9. 89


    Love this bag!! So cute!

  10. 88

    Dawn Pierrel

    Thank you so much for this giveaway, the bag is so cute!

  11. 87


    Soo Cute! I think it’s time I finally win one of these bags! 🙂

  12. 86

    Lynda Abbott

    I seen some in downtown disney. They are super cute! Would ♥ to get one, and the extra money would be awesome for our return trip in December!

  13. 85


    My daughter won the backpack at a WDW Radio event. It would be great to have a matching purse!

  14. 84

    Beth Newbold

    so cute it would be fun to have

  15. 83


    This is super cute! And what a fun blog 😉

  16. 82


    Couponing to Disney and you together!! Awesome!!

  17. 81

    Laurie Fontenot Nettles

    So excited to bring me son to Disney next year and begin seeing and experiencing Disney through him!! I love him and want to share Disney with him…. I hope to win this purse because I can explain its a small world to him and bring it with us when we go…. Show him the connection… Lol

  18. 80


    Cute bag!

  19. 79


    Love this. Hope I win.

  20. 78

    Kathryn Meyer

    I’d love to win this for my September trip!!!

  21. 77


    Thank you for this opportunity!

  22. 76

    Dawn B.

    What a great give away! Thanks

  23. 75


    This is so cute! Would love to win!! Thank you

  24. 74
  25. 73

    Cathy Spencer

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love that cute purse! (along with everyone else on here) 🙂

  26. 72


    cute bag

  27. 71

    Stacy Millard


  28. 70

    caitlin dodd

    looks great!

  29. 69


    love this bag! would love to win 🙂

  30. 68

    Carla Kibler Leger

    Would love thus for my upcoming September trip

  31. 67


    Found your site while hunting for tips for my July 2013 trip on Pinterest! Can’t wait to see what else I can learn on here! 🙂

  32. 66

    Lori Poteat

    We’re heading to Disney World in October. Thank you for the bag giveaway!

  33. 65

    Laurie Durec

    I would love to win this for our Disney trip in March!

  34. 64


    I want this bag!

  35. 63


    I would love to win this bag. It’s adorable!

  36. 62


    I want that bag

  37. 61

    Dani D.

    Would love to win this!

  38. 60

    Patricia Whittom Lamagno

    I would love to win this for my Disney-Loving daughter!

  39. 59


    This bag would make a great gift for my friend that is obessed with IASW.

  40. 58

    Diane Fratto

    I love it!!

  41. 57


    These bags are too cute!

  42. 56


    would love it!

  43. 55

    Karen Hiebert

    I like the attraction in futureland where you go through time and the room moves to show different eras and how things changed in family homes.

  44. 54


    Would help fund our next Disney trip!

  45. 53

    PeterMaria Nelson

    How cute

  46. 52


    This would be the perfect bag to carry for our Jan. 2014 trip now that we are stroller and diaper bag free!

  47. 51


    Hope I win!

  48. 50


    would love it!

  49. 49
  50. 48

    Christina Manning

    what a great accessory the bag would be for our upcoming trip and the spending money wouldn’t hurt either

  51. 47

    Tamara D.

    You guys are great!

  52. 46

    Jessica Vitello Copeland

    Love these bags! And the gift card would be awesome!

  53. 45


    I’d love to win! The bag is super cute and we’re going in November!

  54. 44

    Michelle F

    I would love to win. I just started planning our next trip to WDW. This bag would look great on the trip. I wasn’t able to comment on any of the blogs. Not sure why.

  55. 43

    Kimberley Jansen

    Thanks for my new bag! 😉

  56. 42

    Lorraine Thomas

    Love this bag! Love Chip and Co!

  57. 41


    Love the bag♡♡♡♡♡

  58. 40

    D cook

    This looks like a great bag to take to WDW!

  59. 39


    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  60. 38

    Devon McClafferty

    Love Small world! Thank you for the giveaway!

  61. 37


    I would love to have this bag for my disneymoon in September! 🙂 Shared on FB.

  62. 36

    Melanie Hinson Woodall

    Love it!!!

  63. 35

    Heather Decker

    Hope I win. I could really use a cute new purse.

  64. 34


    Entered and hope to win!

  65. 33


    I shared on facebook. will do the rest when it comes up

  66. 32

    Sara Zh

    What an awesome give away! Thanks =)

  67. 31

    Elaine paullus

    Would love to win

  68. 30


    It is very generous of them to give away such nice prizes!

  69. 29

    Theresa Smith Raymond

    So, I tried to comment/review Pirates of the Carribbean per one of the contest entries, but it won’t let me!?

  70. 28


    I love the “It’s a Small World” bag I have now… I currently have the one that shows all the countries but, I want to collect them all!

  71. 27

    Ngoc Chim


  72. 26

    Quinn Maynard

    This would work for when we go in September!!

  73. 25

    Jessica Sininger

    Would love this bag to use for park hopping!

  74. 24

    Amy D

    So cute!!!

  75. 23


    I love Disney!

  76. 22

    Heather Moffitt Bass

    This would be perfect for my trip in September!

  77. 21

    Kristin B

    This would be perfect in 143 days!!!

  78. 20

    Nicole Oman

    I love this bag

  79. 19

    Mandy Searle

    I need this purse!!

  80. 18


    I love this bag!

  81. 17

    Kelley Walburn Chin

    Love it! I need one!

  82. 16


    I am a Disney purse addict!

  83. 15


    LOVE IT!!!

  84. 14


    What a cool purse. My daughter would love it.

  85. 13


    Love it! My daughter would love to have this bag!!

  86. 12

    Leslie Gruber Krzan

    I love this bag!

  87. 11


    Always so fun! I’d love to have one of these bags someday. 🙂

  88. 10


    I love LeSportSac bags! Awesome!

  89. 9

    Melissa Geib-Lightner

    So cute! I want one! (And the gift card would be nice too.)

  90. 8


    Love it!

  91. 7

    Andrea Barnaby Kurczewski

    Love this purse. Would look great during my July trip!

  92. 6

    barbara ernst


  93. 4


    Love Disney and LeSportSac!

  94. 3

    Allison Walz Borg

    I would live to win

  95. 2

    Kim Beck (Chisholm)

    I would love to win this prize 🙂 Love reading the daily e-mails from Chip & Co and staying on top of Disney news while we are away. Hoping to make a trip back there next year 🙂

  96. 1

    Mieke P

    Would love to win!

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