Another Lawsuit for Disney from the 90’s Hit “Home Improvement”

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Who loved Tim Allen’s showHome Improvement? I know I did! It always surprises me to hear that a fun show like that had behind the scenes problems because I wonder how they can put on such a good show each week with strife going on…maybe the strife did not build up into enough to be a lawsuit until after the show was over. But, a lawsuit was filed late last week on behalf of the “Home Improvement” creative team alleging Disney failed to exploit the hit TV show. When Disney sold the show into syndication in New York “for no monetary consideration” and failed to consult with them about how the favorite Tim Allen show would be exploited.

In addition the creative team alleges they have not been paid their fair share of profits from the show, saying Disney should pay them 75% of the net profits, which is an unusually high percentage.

Previously, the Home Improvement crew sued the Walt Disney Co. back in the mid 1990’s which ended up changing the way that studios and networks work with each other and talent and how they all profit from successful shows.  They filed and settled one of the first “vertical integration” lawsuits seeking millions in revenue that the show generated from being exploited by Disney-affiliated companies in ways that underreported money owed to profit participants.

Disney has not commented on the pending lawsuit from “Home Improvement”.


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