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  • Maria-Writer for Chip and Co

    The answer I got was that he can certaintly wear his outfit around the park but it is up to the individual CM’s if he can wear during the show. Ususally they like the consistancy of using Disney’s own robes.

  • Scott

    Great article! I love the quotes mixed into your article!

  • Maria

    I’m going to find out. My little guy will want to bring his lightsaber. He only has one, unless you count his Dad’s 🙂

  • Christie McGuire Struck

    BEST day of my son’s life thus far. Do you think he can wear his own Jedi robe? (Yep, he has one to go with the 5 light sabers he owns.)

  • elizabeth

    Great tips!! I’m going to keep this in mind for my nephew, who I think will also be a huge Star Wars fan.

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