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    Alivia Chavira Charles Mcgrew

    I’m glad to see that they brought the price down. Now I’ll try it. I think the sink is adorable, but I didn’t want to pay $30 for it. It’s too tiny. 🙂

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    Loretta Garcia

    I enjoyed a taste or two during my #disneyside at Disneyland. I had help from the grandkids and family but it was as Chip mentioned just a sundae. Ours came with 2 choc chip cookies, 2 or 3 scoops of ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream. Delicious at $11.99 but not more than that. 🙂

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    Nicci P

    We haven’t had the Kitchen Sink yet but had a similar problem with the Mickey Pumpkinhead ice cream bowls. They wouldnt clean those out for us either. I think they should give you an option of giving you a clean one and just giving you the icecream in a paper bowl or something. Most people don’t want to have struggle trying to clean it out at a bathroom sink. It may just be certain castmembers that aren’t accomodating. 🙁

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    Sheryl Beth Alvarez

    We got this during the 24 hour event at the ice cream shop and the easily subbed out the strawberry ice cream and topping for chocolate and even put the peanut butter chips in a little cup on the side. 4 of us shared it and enjoyed it. They rinsed it out for us afterwards as well. I find Disney very accommodating.

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    Earl HouserJr.

    I ordered the Mickey’s Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream and they did wash it out for me and put it into a small plastic bag. They were very accommodating, even had brownies with it!

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    Dennis Williams

    We had it Thursday night and were kinda let down. 2 of us couldn’t finish it.
    they struggled to work around my fiancee allergy to strawberries… after talking to manager they got it..but took almost 15 minutes. They are serious when they say NO substitutions.
    Its definitely not easy to clean in the bathroom sinks. There is just no real water pressure.

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