New Information on Disney My Magic+ MagicBands


Lately I have noticed there is a lot of chatter and all anyone wants to talk about, complain about or gossip about is the Disney My Magic+ MagicBands that are being tested at Walt Disney World. As per usual, Disney has let little nuggets of info slip out here and there about these magical wrist bands…just enough to have people talking and clamoring for more. Well, they just have released some new details recently that has interesting written all over it.

Read below these details and then let’s talk some more about how this makes us feel?

  • Made of a hypoallergenic material, MagicBand is flexible and comfortable to wear. It has ridges on the backside that help air circulate between the band and the wrist. It has been designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures. It is also waterproof.
  • The MagicBand easily scales to fit nearly any guest. It is adjustable and has a peel away layer to make the band small enough to fit children.
  • Guests who visit MyDisneyExperience before their vacation will have the opportunity to personalize their MagicBand with one of seven colors (Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Black, and Red as far as we can tell). They will also be able to have their name printed on the inside of the band. Guests who do not personalize their bands will get a two-tone grey band.
  • In the future, guests will be able to personalize the band with different accessories.
  • As soon as MagicBand testing begins, guest can use it during the vehicle design process at Test Track.

So, I know I have seen a lot of complaining that people do no like wearing things on their wrists, etc. but it seems Disney is taking that into account. Now, aside from the physical comfort, what do you think about some of the customization details? I know I want them to save me a Pink band!

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Chip and Co Guest Blogger
  • Hunter

    How can I get my pictures off of my magic band?

  • Niki Zucca

    I keep reading that you can choose color/etc. before your trip..but I have yet to find anywhere on MyDisneyExperience to do this. Any ideas?

  • WB68

    I have been trolling around the Disney and the MyDisneyExperience site and there is no information on how to purchase or personalize yet. We are traveling in Sept so hopefully all the info and bands will be available by then. I want a pink one please :)

  • WB68

    I have been trolling thru the disney site and the MyDisneyExperience and have not found where you can personalize or purchase yet. We are not due to travel until Sept so hopefully all the details will be available so I can get me pink band.

  • pilotjess

    Glad to see from “Monitor” that they’ll be available to AP holders.

  • Mashelle Patrick

    i want the blue one. I lost my MNSSHP ticket lasy year and had to buy another ticket

  • Patricia Logan

    I would love to them have a necklace type as well. Time will tell if they will add that to the collection. I love the idea, and I am partial to the link one, LOL.

  • MaxS

    I agree with you! I’ve never been at DW when my kids were little (the youngest was 16yo when we first took them), and I’ve wondered how parents keep track of their kids’ KTTW cards!

  • Helen Partlow

    I think it sounds exciting! Where do I customize my magicband? I don’t see a mydisneyexperience website.

  • Joann P

    I’m curious about stay on power – the lanyard / clip handed out with PP+ is junk and we lost our PP+ within an hour!

  • notman05

    Unless you’ve actually tried one, I don’t see any reason to complain. I think people these days just look for reasons to complain. If you don’t want it on your wrist, can’t you hang it from a lanyard, or carry it in your pocket?

    I’m looking forward to these. I find it harder to track room cards for the family, and these seem way more convenient.

  • Autumn Barnes

    I have been all about this tech since day 1. It has driven me batty that people who DONT get/understand personal/computer security have been screaming their data will be stolen, when in reality if they sat and thought about it, why would Disney the HOME of Customer Service offer tech that would make them UN-Customer Friendly? I am so ready to NOT carry around an AP, K2TW, PP etc and just wear this.

  • erin

    My thoughts exactly…purple is my favorite color!

  • Rabss

    I want one too!! Either pink or green.

  • Shannon Wagner

    Do we have any idea when they will go into effect? We will be there in June and am hoping they are in use then!!!! I know my 2 boys would love these!!

  • Amy

    I’ll take lime green please!

  • Kuleen Lashley

    What! No purple!

  • Ingrid

    I want a green one and wish it would be ready by June! 😉