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For the last decade or so the folks at Passporter have proven themselves to be a leading source in Disney information and Disney vacation planning. We are proud to welcome them into the Chip and Company family as our newest partner!

A Passporter is not to be confused with a passport. While both are blue and technically books, one is far more colorful and far less expensive (*hint, *hint, that’s the Passporter!) but both should be taken with you every-time you travel! The provided definition of a Passporter is “a travel guide, a planner, an organizer, a journal and a keepsake book all in one neat, take it anywhere package”. The Passporter books have won twelve national book awards (and counting!) as well as other accolades in the travel industry and is one of the most sought for books on Amazon.com.

Disney is always flourishing and changing but Passporter is there covering the news as it breaks and updating their sourcebooks accordingly. If you are looking for a hoity-toity travel guide that will bore you to tears, keep searching the shelves. If you are looking for a beautifully colored, spiral bound, easy to read book filled with first hand tips and tricks and backed by a decade of personal experience then pick up a Passporter, it’s the only Disney travel guide you’ll ever need! You’ll find the contents complete, concise and just a thumb away from a quick reference. The index makes it easy to find the answer to your burning question, if you can find your answer in one of the tabs: planning, getting there, staying in style, touring, feasting, making magic and notes…then the answer doesn’t exist. O.K. maybe the answer does exist, it’s probably on the Passporter forums!

In addition to their guidebooks to all Disney destinations, and e-books covering popular Disney topics, their forum has over 50,000 members (including some of your favorite writers from Chip and Company!). The forum is, in my opinion, the friendliest Disney focused forum on the web. The forum joins people from all over the world with one common love: Disney travel. With approximately 50 set threads you can get (and give) answers to just about any question regarding Disney travel. Passporter can take you from start to finish, purchase the easy to read, easy to follow guidebook for your Disney destination, then introduce yourself on the boards and you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll feel like a vacation planning pro! Indulge in the many topics on the boards; but don’t blame us when you get addicted! You can even post pre- and post- vacation reports for fellow readers.

When it comes to keeping in trend with the digital age, Jennifer and Dave Marx (authors and creators of Passporter products) have a pulse on technology with user friendly tips for vacationing with your i-phone and e-books that will download to a variety of e-readers. They have downloadable travel worksheets and checklists that make your planning fool-proof. All the work is already done (and color coded of course!) just plug in your information and click print!

Jennifer and Dave are seasoned Disney travelers and have covered ALL of the details, after you’ve read a Passporter you feel like they’ve personally taken you on vacation and prepared you for every possible scenario. I think of them as my own personal Disney tour guide, but in my pocket (no cast member in equestrian gear required!). If you fancy yourself a Disney expert, take a peek into the Passporter world, I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how much you didn’t know!

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Chip and Co Guest Blogger

Chip and Co Guest Blogger

This account is for Past and Present Bloggers who love Disney and want to share that love with you.
Chip and Co Guest Blogger

This account is for Past and Present Bloggers who love Disney and want to share that love with you.

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  • Crunchysews

    I used to love Passporter, gave it as a gift, dropped in on the boards. I read much but posted rarely. I had difficulty with a password and was unable to recover it so I had to create a new login. Shortly thereafter I commented on a post and was dressed down by Dave for being ‘new’. Apparently the opinions of newbies don’t matter to him. So Passporter lost a customer of over ten years.