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    I have to disagree. We have found that we can spend an entire day there and enjoy it (unless its super crowded and crazy). We usually arrive at Rope Drop, and then head back to TSM to ride standby (which is like 5-10min while everyone is getting fast passes). After that we take our time touring around the park. We love going into Animation Studio and meeting the Characters, and then going back in there around 5pm and seeing the extra ones they brought out then. We have received extra magic from CMs there (ex our youngest was asleep in the stroller and our oldest was sitting down at a chair in the shade being quiet just people watching, and a CM walked up and gave our son a cardstock checkers set for being so well behaved while his brother slept. It wasnt much, but it was something.) We have been given extra time with Mickey because we were the only ones in line to see him (and got some cute pics). People pass by a lot of things because they have done them b4, or because they dont want to sit (they want to go go go) and they miss a lot. Re-experience some stuff, dont just walk on by it. Take time and be a “first time” tourist again and see if some of that magic comes back to you.

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    I completely agree! Other than the streetmosphere characters, Toy Story Mania, and Playhouse Disney, this park holds little attention from us. Yes, my husband loves ToT and RnRC, but other than that we never have a strong desire to go there. We do make sure we spend at least a half a day there, but otherwise, we spend time in the three other parks. Oh! I almost forgot, but we do LOVE Fantasmic and try to hit that once per trip. But even that, now being only a couple nights a week, is hard for us to get to. I probably should have mentioned I also have three small children, so there isn’t a lot of draw for them. Maybe in a few years, but for now, if we spend a half day at DHS, that’s a lot.

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    Dont underestimate DHS or what will always be MGM to us! My 8 YO son loves this park and we spend at least part of two or three days there every visit. There is always something new to see or do, the last visit he made me ride RRC 4 times in a row including a front row ride. For him, he would skip AK and spend the extra time at HS. We do manage all the parks but this one is his favorite. My teenage daughters also enjoy it. Although Fantasmic is a bit of a hassle now that it is fewer shows in a week, it is a must see and I think one of the best productions in WDW.

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    Jessica Pagan

    I agree that it needs some magic! My husband and I go for ToT and RRC. We’ve watched the car show a couple times and enjoyed the acts in the street, but other than that we don’t spend a lot of time there.

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    I could not agree more. We go for the rides and leave. We are there for at the most half a day sometimes less. It did loose something when the working studio left. And then they changed the back lot ride, about the same time. They really need to do something with DHS or it will be like a black and white movie of the past that none of our kids will watch. JMHO. ºoº

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