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    Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    ps, sounds like it would really hold up wait times bc the boats waiting to exit will just back up and ruin the ride experience. meh. lol , y’all know how i feel about the new technology 😉 haha.

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    Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    wow that is such a bummer. i love telling my daughters all of the languages, she can tell other visitors it’s so cute, so fun. glad we got to see it last visit…

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    Maybe that will make my husband want to go on again just to see something new…he begs me not to take him on it!! ha.

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    Carrie George Bondar

    I’m still not sure how I feel about this. Personalized, like, “Goodbye Carrie and {insert names here}!” or in a specific language? For example, my husband is originally from Ukraine; it would be really cool for the goodbye sign to be in English, Russian and Ukrainian, but how would the RFID technology know that? Without disclosing a lot of our personal information… I’m not sure this is the way to go.

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    I wentto SW the first week of jan and they where already gone, so they dissapeared at least 20 days ago

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