Gumbo Breadbowls are Delightful

If you like gumbo, good. If you like sourdough bread, good! Now, put them together. Deliciousness.

I love eating steak gumbo at Disneyland. The fact that it’s served in that bread bowl makes it even better. I get to eat the gumbo AND the “dish” it’s served in! Yay!

I’m one of those weird people that actually eats as much of the bowl as I can. It’s sooo good. And then I take home whatever parts of the bowl I couldn’t eat during that sitting, and munch on it later. Why throw it away? I see so many people toss it out and it kills me!

You can order these at that little place next to Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square — right under the Dream Suite. What that little place is called, I can ever remember.

I’m a total cheap-o, so I don’t order these all the time. They’re about $9, so that leaves quite the dent in my wallet if I order them frequently. Every time I do get to eat one, its a treat!


Jessica is graduating form Chapman University in Orange, CA, in May. She is studying Communication and Sociology. She frequents Disneyland and California Adventure, and has even been to Club 33 inside Disneyland park. She'll never forget what it was like to step into Walt's private apartment on Main Street, U.S.A., in Disneyland. You can follow her on Twitter @ocswaynee.
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