Disney’s Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales Review



When I got the Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales DVD in the mail from Disney I honestly have never sat down and watched the show before. My daughter has watched it a few times but this past week we both jumped on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and started watching.

To my surprise the show is actually very good. There were many times I had a good hard laugh and so did my 7 year old. Some of the humor was for adults and others like when the Gnomes starting barfing rainbows were just for the kids.

Overall the show was very funny and the 6 episodes on the DVD was just enough for us to setup the DVR and schedule it to record on Disney XD. We also loved the little guidebook/map they give you in the DVD and my daughter laughed at the post cards inside, they were quite silly.

If you are new to the show, or a long time fan this 6 Episode DVD is something you should add to your collection. It is great for in the car (where it is now) when little ones want something to watch when you are driving around town.

I give it a good solid B.

Here are a few video clips to check out…

iframe frameborder=0 width=500 height=290 src=”http://www.totaleclips.com/player/Splash.aspx?custid=907&playerid=69&bitrateid=461&formatid=20&clipid=e129023&affiliateid=-1″>

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