Thank Goodness! A Salute to Disney Park Personalities


There are sure signs that November is upon us…  No, I’m not talking  about the copious amounts of facial hair, the likes of which the boys of Duck Dynasty have never seen (thank you “no shave November” and “Movember”).  Nope, today I’m talking about the latest Facebook tag that everybody and their mama seems to be doing…it’s time to be thankful!

I’ll admit that I’ve not jumped on the bandwagon, not because I’m not thankful; my reasons for sitting this one out are pure lack of memory.  But today, while I am in this moment, typing away this post, I’m taking a moment to be thankful for all the Disney things I love.  Today, I’m doing a salute to some of the Disney Park Personalities that make me smile the most!  I’m taking some inspiration from those old ” real men of genius” commercials from Bud Light.  Today I’m saluting you my  Real Disney World Heroes.  I’m thankful for you and all your Disney glory.  You make the World go round and you put a smile on my face!

By the way, I’m using Mr. because that’s what the original beer commercial original went. Just so you know, I’m saluting EVERYONE — Mr. OR Ms./Mrs. (I’m being as PC here as possible):

Swiss Army Knife Inspired Park Bag Carrier

Today I salute you, Mr. Swiss Army Knife Inspired Park Bag Carrier.  You make packing for the parks look like a 5 day hike in the wilderness.  If is has a zipper, its stuffed with something for a day in the parks.  You can cram a 12 inch sub into that crazy contraption of luggage.  You trudge through the parks in all your bag hauling glory and still manage to make it to park closing.  You spend half your day in the bag security line.   So zip away Mr. Crazy Park Bag Packer, if you can tote it…it’s probably in your bag.  Today I salute you, real Disney World Hero!

Better be There For Rope Drop Early Riser

Today I salute you, Mr. Better be There For Rope Drop Early Riser.  They say the early bird gets the worm.  If that’s the case, you got a worm farm.  You’re up before the sun and you mean business!  Front row seat for the rope drop show?  Yes siree!  For 2.5 seconds, Main Street USA is all yours.  By the time the average joe park goer is waking up, you’ve taken on all three mountains: Space, Splash, and Big Thunder…no big deal.  So coast on through those non-existent lines you early riser.  Today I salute you, real Disney World Hero!

Two Hours Ahead of Time Parade Seat Saver

Today I salute you, Mr. Two Hours Ahead of Time Parade Seat Saver.  You know the perfect parade viewing spot and you’re staking your claim on it–two hours early.  You know how to say “this seat is taken” without even saying a word.  Curbside dinner?  Don’t mind if you do.  Your bladder is made of iron and you know how to use it.  Once the time comes, you are getting that spot…no matter what.  Your face says “Don’t try and invade my space!”  So pull up some sidewalk and get ready for the Main Street Electrical, ain’t NOBODY gonna rain on your parade!  Today I salute you, Real Disney World Hero!

Olympic Qualifying Theme Park Walker

Today I salute you, Mr. Olympic Qualifying Theme Park Walker.  You majored in speed walking.  Reaching a top speed of 30 mph, you are a man on a mission.  Slow down?  That’s not in your vocabulary.  You cover the entire World Showcase in 1 hour, with time to spare.  Your family lags behind, but what they lack in sheer locomotion, you make up for in mall walker determination.  They’re probably going to rename walking shoes after you.  So don’t slow down for us, walk on my friend.  There’s an attraction calling your name across the World Showcase Lagoon and you don’t make anyone wait.  Today I salute you, Real Disney World Hero!

*ps:  This is TOTALLY inspired by my mother.  Sorry mom!

Gonna Fill up my Empty Water Bottle at Club Cool

Today I salute you, Mr. Gonna Fill up my Empty Water Bottle at Club Cool.  Free fountain drinks…don’t mind if you do.  Forget those bathroom sized cup, when you want a drink, you want a drink.  You approach those Coca Cola varieties from around the world like new territory to claim!  Veni, vidi, vici–you came, you saw, you conquered, and you hogged up the soda.  You gotta thirst and you know how to quench it.  So fill er up, Club Cool ain’t charging!  Today I salute you, Real Disney World Hero!

There’s a Photo Opportunity…I’m Gonna Take it

Today I salute you, Mr. There’s a Photo Opportunity…I’m Gonna Take it! You’ve got gigs and you know how to use them.  Shoot first…ask questions later, that’s your motto.  You see a shot and you take it!  There isn’t an angle that you won’t try out.  Who cares if there’s someone right behind you?  All abrupt stops are for the sake of art.  The camera gear you’re sporting should have been enough warning.  So snap away, there are 10 million interesting shots of Spaceship Earth.  Today I salute you, Read Disney World Hero!

*ps: Maybe this is me?  Blame it on the blogging. 

So who do you salute?  Is there a special park personality that you look for trip after trip.  I’m thankful for these personalities!  After all, the world would be a BORING place if we all did the same things!  Quirky is good (and it rhymes with turkey)…which brings me back to the point of thankfulness!  Today I salute all of my Disney World Heroes and I salute YOU!

Bring something to the table (comment section) and share with us your favorite park personality!

As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

Happy Thanksgiving and see ya real soon!


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  1. Today, I salute you, Mr. Eat Every Disney Snack. You don’t care about the Turkey Leg grease dripping down your chin and staining your Mickey T-Shirt. It’s 85 degrees outside and 90% humidity; so gobble down that Mickey Ice Cream Bar that’s barely hanging onto the Popsicle stick. Smear that chocolate across your cheek. It’s worth it, buddy. Already stuffed from the Crystal Palace buffet? Peh! Get that tub of popcorn, and SNACK ON! Calories? What are those?! Today, I salute you, Mr. Eat Every Disney Snack!

  2. Tooting my own horn, I was that guy last trip: carried our sleeping infant daughter, our sleeping 3 year old daughter, collapsed stroller, and loaded-down diaper bag off the bus, while my wife carried our 6 year old son and purchased goodies. Late nights in the park means sore arms and backs in the morning. :)

  3. Ashley Metz says:

    Ouch! It hurts when that happens! Great salute Kymberli!

  4. Ashley Metz says:

    Holy moly! How do they do it? Great Salute E-ticket-lizabeth!

  5. Ashley Metz says:

    Oh my goodness, Herman! I HATE line hoppers! Great salute!!!!

  6. E-ticket-lizabeth says:

    Today I salute you, Mr. I’ll Carry My Toddler Even Though I’m Exhausted Too and This Kid is HUGE. We see you in line for the ferry boat, with one toddler draped over your arms and your “big kid” sitting on your feet, hugging your legs. You’ve done the Park, you’ve seen the fireworks, and now it’s time to go to bed, and the only way you can get there is by carrying your youngest. Today I salute you, Mr. I’ll Carry My Toddler.

  7. Herman Goodman III says:

    Today I salute you Mr. I’m Too Good To Stand In Line. No worries. Everyone who has been patiently standing in line knows how Very Important you are. We don’t mind one bit the you jump into the front of the line, after all we are just ordinary people. Today I salute you Mr. I’m Too Good To Stand In Line.

  8. Kymberli Freeman says:

    Today I salute you Mr. Steam Roller Stroller Driver. Don’t worry, ankles are replaceable right? How about shins? Or feet? It’s okay, as long as you get to the attractions that are calling your name, everyone else’s lower extremities are merely collateral damage. Your miniature snowplow has thirty adorable pounds of ballast, and you know how to use it. Today I salute you, Mr. Steam Roller Stroller Driver.