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    Jen Sternberg

    While I hope the revolving restaurant does, again, revolve, I do plan to keep my ADR for November and see what happens. If its not working, it’s no big deal. We enjoy the casual atmosphere, the characters, and the family-style service.

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    It is spinning again!

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    After years of not being able to get a reservation there, I finally got a reservation on our last trip and had to cancel because my mother-in-law wasn’t in the mood to eat dinner that night (grrrrrr…) – and now we’ll never get to experience the novelty of that restaurant! My kids never care about the food no matter where we go – so I figured my husband and I could enjoy a nice dinner while the kids enjoyed the novelty of us spinning the whole time. Dang!

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    Amber Coates

    We loved the food here but the rotation gave my mom and sister motion sickness. They said they wouldn’t go back, but maybe now they will. 🙂

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    I wonder what they would think if people thought it was too expensive to go to Epcot…

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    We ate there in Feb. and Nov. of 2013 and loved the food, characters and the rotation. We ate there about a month ago in May and the food was still good, the characters great but there was definitely something missing without the rotation. Not sure if we will go back.

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    Yeah, I was planning on eating there in September. Not happening anymore! I loved the rotating part, it was the most fun!

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