Free Disney Tickets Scams Use Fake Facebook Page


People are being duped by a scam on Facebook, which promises free tickets to Disney World. Sadly this has become a common occurrence.

A fake Delta Air Lines page was set up on Facebook on Monday under the name ‘Delta Airlines.’, which had just under 800 likes. The real ‘Delta’ Facebook page has more the 820,000 likes.

Chips Tips: If a big company that has been around forever, has a few a Facebook likes than it’s probably not the real page!

The fake page states: “We’re giving away a trip to Disney World for 5 people to 15 lucky winners, all paid for with $2,000 spending money. Want to win? Just Share and Like this photo! 15 random shares will be chosen tomorrow night where them 15 people will win 5 tickets each. Winners will be messaged VIA Facebook. Good luck!”

The photos in its various forms had been shared over 12,000 times, including at least ten from Bermuda residents the Bermuda Sun was able to count.

A Delta spokesperson told the Bermuda Sun: “This is not an official Delta Air Lines page.”

The spokesperson then gave a list a of official Delta pages, which only included two for Facebook: and

The website adds: “We have received reports of customers of fraudulent emails, social media sites, postcards and promotional websites claiming to be from Delta Air Lines.

Delta said if you receive one of these messages you should be advised:

1) Change your SkyMiles account PIN/password immediately and monitor your account for misuse;

2) Delta did not send those messages;

3) You should not click on links in an e-mail message, unofficial page or open any attachments;

4) You should delete the e-mail from your inbox or disregard the website promotional claims.

Be Careful out there and remember if it seems to good to be true than it probably is!!

Wishing you Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust


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  1. Sad thing is that too many people’s grammar is poor enough that they would never have even picked up on that error.

  2. Christina C says:

    You really can’t trust anything on the internet nowadays. If its too good to be true, it probably is…

  3. MouseEarredPirateChild says:

    I know a bunch of people that had their pages hacked this weekend due to this scam.

  4. I noticed that my Mom shared it and immediately knew it was a scam. You have to be so careful!!

  5. If the English isn’t correct (them 15 people?!) chances are the contest is fake!

  6. andrea mackafee says:

    Omg I liked this page and tried to enter but it was a lil more to it than I wanted to deal with so just closed out. People preying on others is just disgusting.