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    It’ll probably happen eventually, but promotions are meant to entice visitors…. as one of the more popular resorts ever built AoA isn’t worried about empty rooms right now.

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    No they didn’t they announced Stay, Play and Dine not Free Dining

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    This isn’t news, Disney announced this a few weeks ago

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    kim lobdell

    My mom got that free dining pin but we are going in may so we got 25% off our room. Hoping the free dining comes out for our dates though.

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    Is there a difference right now between the free dining and the “Stay, Play, and Dine” offer that is currently out for around the same dates?

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    Jason Baldwin

    That is such a crock that Art of Animation is NEVER included in these deals!!! They could at least include that resort seems so anyone staying the first few months out of the year will get rooked from the previous offers. I don’t care if it is new….

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    Christina Struck

    What months do you think that free dining will be good for?

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