2014 Free Disney Dining Dates Might be Coming



Hiya! It is your one and only favorite gossip columnist in the whole wide world, Anonymouse! I have some juicy news for you. I know there are many of you that live for the next free dining dates to be announced. Now nothing is official yet but Chippy has been putting the pressure on me to get some inside info, so of course I must deliver.

As you know Disney just released two new discounts for early in 2014, and these are discounts that we already saw coming  due to the Pin Codes that were sent earlier this year.

I have been hearing things floating around that they are starting up again and it is because of the free dining pin codes that are being sent out.

I know everyone asks how do they get a pin code, well the real answer no one really knows. I know there are some strategies that some people say that work and others say they don’t work. I have heard people that go all the time and never get one and then I have heard people that have not gone in 10 years and get a pin code all the time. So no one knows really. Just hope and wish for some pixie dust!

I know of some people that have started getting new  pin codes that are good for Free Disney Dining. The dates are for Jan. 3, 2014 – March 5, 2014.

There are a few resorts that are not included in this round of free dining pin codes, and those are:

The code is good for a minimum three-night stay and a 2 day park ticket with a max 14-night stay.

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Anonymouse searches the internet, annoys cast members, and wouldn’t think twice about using a Ouija board to find you the freshest Disney Gossip.
Some of what she’ll report is confirmed, some is based on information from the rumor mill, and some, frankly, she just read on the bathroom wall in Fantasyland.

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  • ivlichelle

    It’ll probably happen eventually, but promotions are meant to entice visitors…. as one of the more popular resorts ever built AoA isn’t worried about empty rooms right now.

  • http://www.chipandco.com Chip

    No they didn’t they announced Stay, Play and Dine not Free Dining

  • Dale

    This isn’t news, Disney announced this a few weeks ago

  • kim lobdell

    My mom got that free dining pin but we are going in may so we got 25% off our room. Hoping the free dining comes out for our dates though.

  • Rory

    Is there a difference right now between the free dining and the “Stay, Play, and Dine” offer that is currently out for around the same dates?

  • Jason Baldwin

    That is such a crock that Art of Animation is NEVER included in these deals!!! They could at least include that resort seems so anyone staying the first few months out of the year will get rooked from the previous offers. I don’t care if it is new….

  • Christina Struck

    What months do you think that free dining will be good for?