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    Christina Calilung

    I’ve only been able to wait in line for the lunch service and while it wasn’t a terrible wait, I think fast passes would make it even more seemless to get a table at be our guest!

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    ADRs are actual reservations. This sounds like it will tie in to the fastpass+ system and it seems that if you use it, it will use up one of your precious fastpass+ passes for the day.

    If food is more your thing than rides, then knock yourself out, but I wouldn’t give up a fastpass for it.

    PS – Fastpass+ is still in testing, so if you haven’t been one of the lucky ones selected to test it, you’re out of luck for now.

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    I tried the direct to table fastpass this past weekend. The process was quicker than waiting in line at Pesco bills! We checked in at a kiosk outside of the main gates of the restaurant at the appointed 15 minute reservation window. After the cast member confirmed out fastpass we were directed inside to another cast member to confirm our order and then were told to find a table. The staff is very efficient at cleaning empty tables so we had no problem finding a table to seat all 5 of our party. We even found a table right next to the enchanted rose in the West Wing! Our magic bands were used instead of the golden rose for the cast member to locate us in the restaurant and give us our order. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. We were given the fastpass to Be Our Guest in addition to our three fastpass+ for the day. Personally when the fastpass+ system becomes available I would not use my limited fastpasses to dine at Be Our Guest, because I am perfectly content eating a burger at another quick service location instead. But if you are dead set on eating at Be Our Guest during your stay I would highly recommend using the fastpass option.

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    It’s my understanding that you can get 3 FastPass+ per DAY on your vacation. The benefit is not having to run around the park like a crazy chicken and fight the giant crowds to snag one of the limited Fastpasses available when you are there. So less park time wasted, less stress worrying you won’t snag one- and you can still ride your top 3 rides in the park that day with a fastpass. 🙂 Hope that helps!

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    Janelle Bergman Chandler

    I still don’t understand this system. If you use fast pass+ you won’t be able to use the regular fast pass system while in the parks? From what I read that is what I believe. Please correct me if I’m wrong. If that is the case then what is the advantage? I can probably get like 10 FP in a day but only 3 fast pass+ in an entire trip. Doesn’t make sense.

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    How do we get a Fastpass for Be Our Gest? We’re going in September as well, a group of 10, this would be great for us since we have 3 kids under 8 going with us! Hungry kids + long wait = settling for second choice place to eat to save the headache.

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    Is the fastpass essentially not a reservation? That is what this article is about correct?

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    Lori McGovern

    Unfortunately you can only get ADR’s for dinner, lunch is quick serve only.

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    You can only get ADR’s for dinner, lunch is quick serve only.

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    I so wish we could get on the magic list that Disney pulls from when they want to do any testing! 🙂

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    Where do you go on the Disney website to make a lunch reservation?

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