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    Carrie George Bondar

    Donald and the White Rabbit are similar heights, but it’s unlikely that the same cast member would play both. I too found it bizarre that one family’s last name was Black and the other, White…

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    Gee, you mean I could have played the discrimination card? Wow. Think of all the goodies I missed out on when the characters in the parades came over and interacted with the children sitting next to me but ignored me. That’s AGE DISCRIMINATION, people! *snort* If you think for a second that Donald can see anything that isn’t directly in front of “him” and several feet away, you’re nuts. The shape of that costume makes seeing anything “short” pretty difficult. Ditto for many of the animal characters. And they waited all of THREE MINUTES? Some of those character lines are 30 minutes. Wow. Just wow.

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    Just outrageous!!

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    And, I have a picture of the White Rabbit
    grabbing my daughter’s boob (December 2012)…do you see me filing a claim of sexual harassment?
    NO! I hope the judge throws out both cases!!! This makes me sick!!!

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    Kandice Linwright

    Agreed…it’s highly suspicious that both families hired the same attorney…is the White Rabbit and Donald the same height? I don’t think they are…so it would have to be two different cast members…seems shady to me.

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    Soooo wait…one family’s last name is Black (rabbit) and this one’s is White(Donald Duck)? Seriously?

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    This sounds like a pathetic way for these family’s to make money. Grow up and quit playing the race card.

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    Christine Custance Blair

    There have been plenty of times when I have waited on a line and just as I get my turn the character goes on break or is done at that spot. Big deal you just try again. You don’t hear me complaining that it happened because I’m white! For all I know that person in the suit is white as well. People need to stop complaining and suck it up.

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    Annette Carter

    How crazy and insane is this???? They waited a whole 3 minutes…WOW, that is so long!!!! My son has been ignored and pushed aside too by a character, but I did not raise a ruckus about it. I just thought, the character may not have seen him. I guess if I did, and since my son has autism, I could have gotten front of the line tickets too.

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    C. Dawn C.

    So they waited for three minutes and left in frustration?! Give me a break…what a litigious country we live in. Let’s all pull the race card when we don’t get what we want the second we want it. Me, me, me, me…..another case of selfish self-entitlement as I see it.

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    maybe the lawyer is trying to make a name for himself. I just can’t see this since the Characters usually stand in a certain place and a line is formed to see the character..Someone wants 15 minutes of fame..Just my opinion here though people.

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    Cast Members can hardly see out of their costumes, give me a break, Im sure it was unintentional. People get so bent out of shape when they dont get what they want. Ignore me anyday for front line passes!!

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