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  • Audrey Laudillay Wolf

    my 5 yr old son has always loved Mickey..but recently he is talking alot about Oswald..LOL

  • Jeanna johnson

    Our family’s favorite is Pluto!

  • char

    It has to be Ariel 🙂

  • Christina Watkins

    Favorite – STITCH!

  • Mousecation

    Favorite Character is Tinkerbell

  • Kim

    Most definetly Tigger! 🙂

  • Belle 🙂

  • Mlightner

    Love the Oswald ears!

  • Nancy Evens

    We love them all!

  • Missy Smith

    Oops, wrong blog! My fave character–Ariel or Belle

  • Missy Smith

    Love free stuff!!!

  • Dione Mosebar Luark

    Mickey 🙂

  • K

    Sebastian the Crab

  • Jeff Campbell


  • Kelly


  • Kat Toyama-Kasahara


  • James


  • KT

    Goofy, of course!

  • Ariel!

  • Mike


  • ChristyO

    Don’t want to choose one, but if I have to, it has to be Mickey Mouse!

  • Michelle W


  • Mickey Mouse

  • Betsy

    Favorite Classic Character is Cinderella. Favorite modern character is Rapunzel. Truthfully I love all of them! If loving the mouse is wrong, I don’t want to be right! 🙂

  • Michele Goodman Andreasen

    Minnie Mouse

  • Mickey!!!

  • Oswald

  • Oswald!

  • Shannon

    Pooh and Stitch

  • Katie Anderson

    I can’t wait to try this game out.

  • We love epic Mickey 1, and are interested in seeing if they did even better with EM2!!!

  • Jiminy Cricket

  • Tinkerbell is my fav.

  • Sounds like fun!

  • ElyJ


  • Doug W


  • Margarita

    I am not sure if this counts as a Disney character but I love Totoro, but if it has to be an original it would be Cinderella.

  • Lizette

    Mickey Mouse! It’s all about the ears!!!!

  • Margarita

    Would really love to give this to my son for Christmas, we had ablast withthe first one!

  • Debbie


  • Loved the first one, looking forward to trying the second epic mickey

  • Michelle


  • angela sledz

    Mickey Mouse 🙂

  • Snow White

  • Talen


  • Goofy

  • Tinkerbell!

  • Tink!

  • Looks fun

  • meghan

    Snow White

  • I think my favorite character these days (it changes all the time!) has to be Stitch.

  • Bearysweet

    Eeyore is my favorite 🙂

  • Gianna

    My favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse!

  • MegAnn

    Classic Mickey!

  • Stitch Experiment 626

  • I love the new Oswald ear hats

  • Sarah C.

    Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) is my favorite by a landslide!

  • Guest

    I’m a die hard Disney fan. It became even worse when I worked in DisneyWorld while I was in college for about 8 months. I love finding new sites with new people that share my Disney obsession!

  • Dory from Finding Nemo 🙂

  • My fave is Goofy. 🙂


  • Barb


  • Mickey is my fav.

  • My favorite Disney character is either Figment, Stitch, or Darkwing Duck. It depends on my mood. 🙂

  • Tara

    That’s a tough one. I love Ariel and Belle, and Woody and Buzz. But if I HAD to choose, probably Mickey <3

  • Goofy!

  • Maleficent

  • Minnie Mouse!

  • Joelle Franzo Daddino

    I LOve Snow White

  • Robert Acosta

    Love to win them! My son is addicted to Epic Mickey 2 and his favorite character is Oswald!

  • Cassie Robb Piehl

    Marie from the Aristocats

  • Kristy

    Mickey and Minnie <3

  • Jenny

    Hmmm, hard to do! Not sure of my favorite character, but my favorite character to meet in the parks are the step-sisters from Cinderella. They’re hilarious!

  • Christine L. Thomas

    Love them all ..

  • Maureen Tarpey

    Mickey fan…tried and true!

  • Mike

    Gotta be Mickey!

  • Mike

    WDW rocks!

  • My favorites are Captain Hook, Woody, and Sulley 🙂

  • Tink has always been one of my faves. But honestly, I love ALL the characters – super-huge Disney fan here 🙂

    Liza @ Views From the ‘Ville

  • Kristen S

    Mickey Mouse!!!

  • Traci


  • Dianne

    Donald Duck

  • Kristy

    Mickey, cause of his smile, charm and love of Minnie. <3

  • Dianne

    I want those ears!!

  • Jack Skellington is my favorite

  • Favorite of all time is definitely Malificent!

  • My son would love this game and I want to play too

  • tink4146

    Tinker Bell

  • Dana Vanveckhoven

    Mickey is my favorite! 🙂

  • maria


  • tink4146


  • maria

    hope i win love your page!!!

  • Dana Vanveckhoven

    I like prizes! 🙂

  • Debra Ortiz

    Peetah Pan (Peter Pan)

  • makaela

    I love minnie!

  • makaela

    My younger brother has been begging for this game!

  • Heather

    I love Aurora!

  • Michele

    I would love this game, we have Episode 1. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • LWK


  • Kimberly l.

    Out favorite character is Winnie The Pooh!

  • Melissa Eiden

    Love Minnie Mouse!

  • Susan S

    Winnie the Pooh

  • Sara Y

    Love Mickey!

  • Mickey and Minnie!

  • Thank you so much for doing this!!

  • Ashley P.

    I love Mickey!

  • calimonstr


  • Karen Hiebert

    I love rapunzel and pascal from tangled

  • Karen Hiebert

    would love to win, we have the first one and its g reat!

  • Kim H

    Too hard a question! I’ll have to say……..Pepe from the Muppets

  • mel

    mickey mouse is my fav!

  • My favorite character is Mickey Mouse. Love me some Mouse!

  • Melissa Z

    My favorite Disney character is Dory from Finding Nemo.

  • Nicole W.

    I love Mickey, but Oswald is a very close second in our house!

  • Danielle Murgia

    Robin Hood is my favorite character.

  • Mickey Mouse always and forever. Two tattoos of him.

  • Kim M


  • Kim M

    Epic Mickey. WOO HOO

  • Mickey!!

  • My famly would love this!! Oswald is my son’s favorite.

  • Betty Jones


  • Wendy Lafoon Hicks


  • Mickey!

  • cupper

    would love this game for the kids for Christmas

  • Wall E

  • Alison

    Minnie Mouse!! She is the bomb!

  • My favorite Disney Character is Ariel

  • Leslie


  • My favorite is Mickey too.

  • My favorite is Mickey, but I think Donald is funnier

  • Jane Suzy Pickett Toney

    My favorite is Goofy.

  • Julie

    I love cars. Mater is one of my favorites. So excited to see planes. Although, I have so many other favorites.

  • AimeeP

    Mickey Mouse or Eeyore are at the top of my favorite characters list…Oh, and Tinkerbell too! So hard to pick just one.

  • AimeeP

    This is on my little boys Christmas list!! Yeah!!

  • Jodi Keller

    Fav character is Eeyore =)

  • Jodi Keller
  • If I don’t go with the obvious, Mickey, I’d have to say Pascal.

  • Beth Edwards


  • Stefanie

    My favorite disney character is the white rabbit. 🙂

  • Picking just one character is so hard! Tonight, I’m going to choose Stitch as my favorite 🙂

  • Erin Doherty

    my favorite Disney character is Goofy

  • My favorite character is Mary Poppins

  • We love the first epic Mickey and my kids can’t wait to play the second

  • SeanE

    My favorite character is Peter Pan

  • SeanE

    I’ve not played this game or the original, but it looks like a lot of fun!

  • Becky Lee

    My favorite Disney character is Tigger.

  • Annette Roberts

    This looks like a really fun game! How can you go wrong with Mickey Mouse?!

  • Sabrina

    I always have such a hard time deciding! I think Belle. Really looking forward to this game.

  • Mickey

  • My daughter really wants this game. I have to admit, I do too!

  • Chelsea P.


  • Stitch! Good luck to all

  • Tiffany

    I love Goofy and Oswald! They both are just great characters!

  • sheboz

    Love me my Winnie!! Good luck everyone!

  • Dis Savvy

    Alice in Wonderland

  • Dis Savvy

    I hope this game is easy enough for me to make it through to the end! I got stuck in Epic Mickey 1 and can’t get any further because I am lousy at destroying the bigger bad guys!

  • Catherine Kitti Vallieres

    Cheshire Cat

  • Danielle M.


  • Ariel!!

  • Kimberly

    Stitch is my favorite character!

  • Mickey Mouse!

  • Desurae

    Jiminy Cricket

  • Audrey Laudillay Wolf

    How can anybody choose just 1 character?!..they each bring joy (no matter how old you are)..Mickey has always been my favorite…but I’m also partial to Tinkerbell..

  • ariel

  • hmmm….Tinkerbell!

  • Lyndie

    Peter Pan, but the Classic fav is Goofy

  • My favorite Disney character wow that is hard. I love them all so much but if I have to pick I would have to say Tigger

  • I’ve been thinking about getting this, so winning it would be great!

  • Lyndie

    Let us know your favorite Disney Character in the Comment Box Below. Peter Pan, but my favorite classic Disney character is Goofy.

  • My daughter loves Epic Mickey and I cant afford to get her this one so I hope I win!

  • Carissa

    Favorite Character would have to be Cinderella

  • amywarren


  • Gwarsh, Goofy!!!!

  • I tried geting this on black friday…was unalbe to. I hope I win!

  • Stacey

    Winnie the Pooh is my favorite character

  • Rapunzel!

  • ella harmon

    i hope i win i would love to play this

  • I don’t do well with picking favorites… it varies by day! Today I will say it is Jiminy Cricket!

  • Woot! So excited.

  • ella harmon

    i love all the princesses

  • Perry the Platypus!!! There was a disaster going on at our local Toys R Us this weekend. The stuffed animal isle looked like a mass jump from the shelf convention. I went in and saved a giant Perry and Sulley from the mess. We ended up buying the Sulley! I do love Monsters Inc too! Of course… Mickey is so easy to love… and Oswald is fantastic!

  • Love Mickey!

  • Minnie Mouse!

  • Nicole Oman


  • boduke

    Donald Duck is my favorite character.

  • shannon

    I love Minnie

  • pinned tweeted and shared!

  • boduke

    OH OH OH Pick me!!

  • Meliree

    Pooh Bear is my favorite Character!!

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