1. 189

    Audrey Laudillay Wolf

    my 5 yr old son has always loved Mickey..but recently he is talking alot about Oswald..LOL

  2. 188

    Jeanna johnson

    Our family’s favorite is Pluto!

  3. 187


    It has to be Ariel 🙂

  4. 186

    Christina Watkins

    Favorite – STITCH!

  5. 185


    Favorite Character is Tinkerbell

  6. 184


    Most definetly Tigger! 🙂

  7. 182


    Love the Oswald ears!

  8. 181

    Nancy Evens

    We love them all!

  9. 180

    Missy Smith

    Oops, wrong blog! My fave character–Ariel or Belle

  10. 179

    Missy Smith

    Love free stuff!!!

  11. 178

    Dione Mosebar Luark

    Mickey 🙂

  12. 177


    Sebastian the Crab

  13. 176

    Jeff Campbell


  14. 175
  15. 174

    Kat Toyama-Kasahara


  16. 172


    Goofy, of course!

  17. 169


    Don’t want to choose one, but if I have to, it has to be Mickey Mouse!

  18. 168

    Michelle W


  19. 166


    Favorite Classic Character is Cinderella. Favorite modern character is Rapunzel. Truthfully I love all of them! If loving the mouse is wrong, I don’t want to be right! 🙂

  20. 165

    Michele Goodman Andreasen

    Minnie Mouse

  21. 161


    Pooh and Stitch

  22. 160

    Katie Anderson

    I can’t wait to try this game out.

  23. 159

    Deidre Lewis

    We love epic Mickey 1, and are interested in seeing if they did even better with EM2!!!

  24. 155
  25. 154
  26. 153


    I am not sure if this counts as a Disney character but I love Totoro, but if it has to be an original it would be Cinderella.

  27. 152


    Mickey Mouse! It’s all about the ears!!!!

  28. 151


    Would really love to give this to my son for Christmas, we had ablast withthe first one!

  29. 150



  30. 149

    Nicole Witowski Penrose

    Loved the first one, looking forward to trying the second epic mickey

  31. 148



  32. 147

    angela sledz

    Mickey Mouse 🙂

  33. 145



  34. 140


    Snow White

  35. 139

    Scott Slater

    I think my favorite character these days (it changes all the time!) has to be Stitch.

  36. 138


    Eeyore is my favorite 🙂

  37. 137


    My favorite Disney character is Minnie Mouse!

  38. 136


    Classic Mickey!

  39. 135
  40. 134

    Thomas Koval

    I love the new Oswald ear hats

  41. 133

    Sarah C.

    Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) is my favorite by a landslide!

  42. 132


    I’m a die hard Disney fan. It became even worse when I worked in DisneyWorld while I was in college for about 8 months. I love finding new sites with new people that share my Disney obsession!

  43. 131

    Jessica Mullins

    Dory from Finding Nemo 🙂

  44. 130
  45. 128
  46. 126


    My favorite Disney character is either Figment, Stitch, or Darkwing Duck. It depends on my mood. 🙂

  47. 125


    That’s a tough one. I love Ariel and Belle, and Woody and Buzz. But if I HAD to choose, probably Mickey <3

  48. 121

    Joelle Franzo Daddino

    I LOve Snow White

  49. 120

    Robert Acosta

    Love to win them! My son is addicted to Epic Mickey 2 and his favorite character is Oswald!

  50. 119

    Cassie Robb Piehl

    Marie from the Aristocats

  51. 118


    Mickey and Minnie <3

  52. 117


    Hmmm, hard to do! Not sure of my favorite character, but my favorite character to meet in the parks are the step-sisters from Cinderella. They’re hilarious!

  53. 116

    Christine L. Thomas

    Love them all ..

  54. 115

    Maureen Tarpey

    Mickey fan…tried and true!

  55. 114


    Gotta be Mickey!

  56. 113
  57. 112

    Carrie George Bondar

    My favorites are Captain Hook, Woody, and Sulley 🙂

  58. 111


    Tink has always been one of my faves. But honestly, I love ALL the characters – super-huge Disney fan here 🙂

    Liza @ Views From the ‘Ville

  59. 110

    Kristen S

    Mickey Mouse!!!

  60. 109



  61. 108


    Donald Duck

  62. 107


    Mickey, cause of his smile, charm and love of Minnie. <3

  63. 106


    I want those ears!!

  64. 105

    Mary Carnegie Haase

    Jack Skellington is my favorite

  65. 104

    Lindsay Hall

    Favorite of all time is definitely Malificent!

  66. 103

    Mary Carnegie Haase

    My son would love this game and I want to play too

  67. 102


    Tinker Bell

  68. 101

    Dana Vanveckhoven

    Mickey is my favorite! 🙂

  69. 100
  70. 99



  71. 98


    hope i win love your page!!!

  72. 97

    Dana Vanveckhoven

    I like prizes! 🙂

  73. 96

    Debra Ortiz

    Peetah Pan (Peter Pan)

  74. 95


    I love minnie!

  75. 94


    My younger brother has been begging for this game!

  76. 93


    I love Aurora!

  77. 92


    I would love this game, we have Episode 1. Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. 90

    Kimberly l.

    Out favorite character is Winnie The Pooh!

  79. 89

    Melissa Eiden

    Love Minnie Mouse!

  80. 88

    Susan S

    Winnie the Pooh

  81. 87

    Sara Y

    Love Mickey!

  82. 85

    Kelli Harrison

    Thank you so much for doing this!!

  83. 84

    Ashley P.

    I love Mickey!

  84. 83



  85. 82

    Karen Hiebert

    I love rapunzel and pascal from tangled

  86. 81

    Karen Hiebert

    would love to win, we have the first one and its g reat!

  87. 80

    Kim H

    Too hard a question! I’ll have to say……..Pepe from the Muppets

  88. 79


    mickey mouse is my fav!

  89. 78

    Katie Harbison-Diley

    My favorite character is Mickey Mouse. Love me some Mouse!

  90. 77

    Melissa Z

    My favorite Disney character is Dory from Finding Nemo.

  91. 76

    Nicole W.

    I love Mickey, but Oswald is a very close second in our house!

  92. 75

    Danielle Murgia

    Robin Hood is my favorite character.

  93. 74

    Destiney Barnes

    Mickey Mouse always and forever. Two tattoos of him.

  94. 72

    Kim M

    Epic Mickey. WOO HOO

  95. 70

    Shelly Anderson Shively

    My famly would love this!! Oswald is my son’s favorite.

  96. 69

    Betty Jones


  97. 68

    Wendy Lafoon Hicks


  98. 66


    would love this game for the kids for Christmas

  99. 64


    Minnie Mouse!! She is the bomb!

  100. 63

    Stephanie Harris Andrews

    My favorite Disney Character is Ariel

  101. 62
  102. 61

    Andy Cauble

    My favorite is Mickey too.

  103. 60

    Jenny Barriger

    My favorite is Mickey, but I think Donald is funnier

  104. 59

    Jane Suzy Pickett Toney

    My favorite is Goofy.

  105. 58


    I love cars. Mater is one of my favorites. So excited to see planes. Although, I have so many other favorites.

  106. 57


    Mickey Mouse or Eeyore are at the top of my favorite characters list…Oh, and Tinkerbell too! So hard to pick just one.

  107. 56


    This is on my little boys Christmas list!! Yeah!!

  108. 55

    Jodi Keller

    Fav character is Eeyore =)

  109. 53

    Kristin Moore Klemme

    If I don’t go with the obvious, Mickey, I’d have to say Pascal.

  110. 52

    Beth Edwards


  111. 51


    My favorite disney character is the white rabbit. 🙂

  112. 50

    Amanda Tadajewski

    Picking just one character is so hard! Tonight, I’m going to choose Stitch as my favorite 🙂

  113. 49

    Erin Doherty

    my favorite Disney character is Goofy

  114. 48

    Michelle Tegenkamp

    My favorite character is Mary Poppins

  115. 47

    Michelle Tegenkamp

    We love the first epic Mickey and my kids can’t wait to play the second

  116. 46


    My favorite character is Peter Pan

  117. 45


    I’ve not played this game or the original, but it looks like a lot of fun!

  118. 44

    Becky Lee

    My favorite Disney character is Tigger.

  119. 43

    Annette Roberts

    This looks like a really fun game! How can you go wrong with Mickey Mouse?!

  120. 42


    I always have such a hard time deciding! I think Belle. Really looking forward to this game.

  121. 40

    Kim Byrne Whitt

    My daughter really wants this game. I have to admit, I do too!

  122. 39

    Chelsea P.


  123. 38

    Pri Phr

    Stitch! Good luck to all

  124. 37


    I love Goofy and Oswald! They both are just great characters!

  125. 36


    Love me my Winnie!! Good luck everyone!

  126. 35

    Dis Savvy

    Alice in Wonderland

  127. 34

    Dis Savvy

    I hope this game is easy enough for me to make it through to the end! I got stuck in Epic Mickey 1 and can’t get any further because I am lousy at destroying the bigger bad guys!

  128. 33

    Catherine Kitti Vallieres

    Cheshire Cat

  129. 32

    Danielle M.


  130. 30


    Stitch is my favorite character!

  131. 28


    Jiminy Cricket

  132. 27

    Audrey Laudillay Wolf

    How can anybody choose just 1 character?!..they each bring joy (no matter how old you are)..Mickey has always been my favorite…but I’m also partial to Tinkerbell..

  133. 24


    Peter Pan, but the Classic fav is Goofy

  134. 23

    Jennifer DuPrey

    My favorite Disney character wow that is hard. I love them all so much but if I have to pick I would have to say Tigger

  135. 22

    Jennifer McGill Carr

    I’ve been thinking about getting this, so winning it would be great!

  136. 21


    Let us know your favorite Disney Character in the Comment Box Below. Peter Pan, but my favorite classic Disney character is Goofy.

  137. 20

    Paula Jane Pieklo-Byler

    My daughter loves Epic Mickey and I cant afford to get her this one so I hope I win!

  138. 19


    Favorite Character would have to be Cinderella

  139. 18
  140. 16

    Jarett Rutsky

    I tried geting this on black friday…was unalbe to. I hope I win!

  141. 15


    Winnie the Pooh is my favorite character

  142. 13

    ella harmon

    i hope i win i would love to play this

  143. 12

    Mandy Johnson

    I don’t do well with picking favorites… it varies by day! Today I will say it is Jiminy Cricket!

  144. 10

    ella harmon

    i love all the princesses

  145. 9

    Mi Coups

    Perry the Platypus!!! There was a disaster going on at our local Toys R Us this weekend. The stuffed animal isle looked like a mass jump from the shelf convention. I went in and saved a giant Perry and Sulley from the mess. We ended up buying the Sulley! I do love Monsters Inc too! Of course… Mickey is so easy to love… and Oswald is fantastic!

  146. 6

    Nicole Oman


  147. 5


    Donald Duck is my favorite character.

  148. 4


    I love Minnie

  149. 3


    pinned tweeted and shared!

  150. 2


    OH OH OH Pick me!!

  151. 1


    Pooh Bear is my favorite Character!!

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