1. 56

    Tiffany Holley

    I have a hard time picking just one… Hubs is the huge Goofy fan in our house!

  2. 55

    Jennifer Boehme

    My favorite is Belle.

  3. 53

    Vickie Snider Hartwell

    Thanks for the chance! Love epic Mickey 1

  4. 52

    Amy Stewart

    Cannot wait to see the winners! 😀

  5. 51


    This game sounds like soo much fun! And this from a non-gamer. Too bad we can’t get a little snippet to preview. I am def going to look for this one and maybe I will buy my first game ever for our XBox. The boys will just have to share with Me now!

  6. 50


    Hard to pick just one! But Donald Duck has to be my all time favorite!!

  7. 47

    Michelle Daniels Friedrichs

    Would love to win! Good luck everyone!

  8. 46


    Would love to win this for my son! He wants it for Christmas.

  9. 44



  10. 43

    Deidre Lewis

    It’s a toss up between dopey and eeyore

  11. 42

    Karen Karnes

    My favorite Disney Character is Eeyore!

  12. 40

    Heather Krzyminski

    The Evil Queen and Maleficent!

  13. 39

    Stacey Zornes

    Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell

  14. 38

    Sarah B

    My favorite character is Eeyore!

  15. 37

    Sarah B

    This one is definitely on my 7 year old’s list!

  16. 35


    It’s so hard for me to choose so I go through favorite phases :] I love Lady.

  17. 33

    Kimberly L,

    Mickey of course!!

  18. 31

    Amy Stewart

    My Faaaaave? PLUTO

  19. 30

    Lori H

    Pick one favorite? I love Mickey. Cinderella was always my favorite princess but we met Princess Tiana on our last visit and she was amazing:)

  20. 28

    erica knighten

    It’s Mickey for me…He is the reason we have disney world.

  21. 26

    Wendy Lafoon Hicks

    Fingers crossed for a win

  22. 24


    I love Belle and of course Mickey and Minnie!

  23. 22

    Valerie Elaine Gould

    Eeyore is my favorite with Stitch being a close second 🙂

  24. 17

    Dawn Howard Copeland


  25. 16

    Dawn Howard Copeland

    I would LOVE To win this! I turn 40 on the 16th!!! =)

  26. 13

    Devon McClafferty


  27. 11

    Jennifer Fink Sorrentino


  28. 10

    Lisa D

    Mickey Mouse!

  29. 8

    Dawn S

    Mickey Mouse!!!

  30. 7

    Karina Michelle Gomez

    Jack Skellington!! 🙂

  31. 4

    Kristin Brown

    Mickey Mouse!!

  32. 2

    S Vaughn

    Donald Duck

  33. 1

    Derek Beckwith

    love this game, love mickey mouse

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