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  • I have a hard time picking just one… Hubs is the huge Goofy fan in our house!

  • Jennifer Boehme

    My favorite is Belle.

  • Conderella!

  • Thanks for the chance! Love epic Mickey 1

  • Amy Stewart

    Cannot wait to see the winners! 😀

  • cindi

    This game sounds like soo much fun! And this from a non-gamer. Too bad we can’t get a little snippet to preview. I am def going to look for this one and maybe I will buy my first game ever for our XBox. The boys will just have to share with Me now!

  • Frank

    Hard to pick just one! But Donald Duck has to be my all time favorite!!

  • The Beast!

  • Mickey and Pooh are my favorites!

  • Would love to win! Good luck everyone!

  • Mousecation

    Would love to win this for my son! He wants it for Christmas.

  • MIckey of course!!!

  • mays331


  • It’s a toss up between dopey and eeyore

  • My favorite Disney Character is Eeyore!

  • Kimberly


  • The Evil Queen and Maleficent!

  • Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell

  • Sarah B

    My favorite character is Eeyore!

  • Sarah B

    This one is definitely on my 7 year old’s list!

  • Autumn


  • Onna

    It’s so hard for me to choose so I go through favorite phases :] I love Lady.

  • Lady & the Tramp

  • Kimberly L,

    Mickey of course!!

  • Mickey for me!

  • Amy Stewart

    My Faaaaave? PLUTO

  • Lori H

    Pick one favorite? I love Mickey. Cinderella was always my favorite princess but we met Princess Tiana on our last visit and she was amazing:)

  • Maleficent

  • erica knighten

    It’s Mickey for me…He is the reason we have disney world.

  • Maleficent hands down

  • Wendy Lafoon Hicks

    Fingers crossed for a win

  • Tinkerbelle and Aurora

  • ashley

    I love Belle and of course Mickey and Minnie!

  • Bolt!

  • Eeyore is my favorite with Stitch being a close second 🙂

  • Roz on Monsters, Inc.

  • Joseph


  • SUZY


  • Oswald

  • Dawn Howard Copeland


  • Dawn Howard Copeland

    I would LOVE To win this! I turn 40 on the 16th!!! =)

  • mice from cinderella!

  • Love Epic Mickey!

  • Devon McClafferty


  • Emily


  • Jennifer Fink Sorrentino


  • Lisa D

    Mickey Mouse!

  • stacey


  • Dawn S

    Mickey Mouse!!!

  • Karina Michelle Gomez

    Jack Skellington!! 🙂

  • MICKEY!!

  • Goofy

  • Kristin Brown

    Mickey Mouse!!

  • Chip and Dale!

  • S Vaughn

    Donald Duck

  • Derek Beckwith

    love this game, love mickey mouse

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