EPCOT – Top 5 Attractions For Seniors

Epcot is absolutely our favorite park. The shows and attractions, with a couple of exceptions, seem to be very senior friendly. As well, a lot of folks think children will have no interest in Epcot because of its educational/informative bent but I beg to disagree. Kids thirst for knowledge and Epcot presents that knowledge in a fun and informative way. This makes Epcot the most universal of parks in overall appeal to all generations. (personal opinion of course) Let’s take a look at Epcot’s top 5 for seniors and see if they match your choices.

  1. Spaceship Earth – What a way for seniors to start their visit to Epcot. It’s a relaxing, informative and fun way to be exposed to the history of communication, as well, it sets the tone for the rest of the visit. Along with the recent upgrade came a lot of new techie stuff which especially appeals to younger visitors. The upgrade improved every aspect of the attraction including the narrative (Dame Judi Dench fan here). Make sure you take the time to enjoy this attraction. Try it early in the day while everyone else is running for Soarin’.
  2. Soarin’ – Arguably the most popular attraction at Epcot, this is also a very senior friendly attraction. What you get here is a tour over the skies of California from a perspective that few folks will ever experience. The ride equipment itself looks a bit daunting to a lot of seniors but the boarding and departing of the ride is easily handled by seniors and the ride itself is gentle and the scenery rewarding. Give it a try my fellow seniors.
  3. The American Adventure Show - The biggest criticism I’ve heard about this show is that it is overly patriotic. Is that a criticism or a compliment – I know how I feel about it. The more patriotic the better, this is America after all!! The animatronics are quite good and the stage is HUGE! Please sit a ways back senior friends so you can take it in without any issues. Make sure you get there early so you can take in the Fife and Drum Corps demonstration and the Voices of Liberty (an amazing a capella ensemble in the lobby), it’s one of the most rewarding hours you will spend at Epcot.
  4. Impressions de France - If you enjoy beautiful travelogue type photography and delightful music then you will love this attraction. Unlike a lot of the other “country” films, this one is presented in a comfortable theater type setting so there is no standing (sometimes tough on our older legs and feet). This makes for a wonderful break from touring and allows you to recoup from touring; and did I mention, the film and the music are wonderful.
  5. O Canada! - We can’t forget our wonderful neighbors to the north. This film (sorry, it’s a stand up) had gotten very tired over the years but a fairly recent remake starring Martin Short and several other “surprisingly” Canadian celebrities has given the story of O Canada! a whole new life. If you viewed it a few years ago and were a bit disappointed, give it another chance you will not be sorry.

Epcot is a paradise for us older folks. Most of us love to walk around and look, look, look and Epcot is the place to do just that, Perhaps that’s why we spend 2 1/2 to 3 days there every visit – we are truly hooked!! As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!

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