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    On a personal level, Up was hard for my husband and I to watch, having dealt with several losses in our attempts to have children. We received that movie from a friend on Christmas day and the kids wanted to watch it that morning and I was not prepared for it. It still strikes me that an animated film could really “get it” so clearly, that it could convey in the most simple ways (no words, even) what it's like to lose a child or be told you won't be having kids at all. Probably because we didn't expect it, that movie really hit me emotionally and I thought about it for days. I can't help but think that someone behind the film had a similar experience and I'm glad they were able to share that with other people, however painful it might be.

    So, how do I feel about this trend? I think if it's not too heavy handed, it's fine. I thought it was handled very well in both movies. In fact, it was so subtle and brief that I think most little kids aren't going to dwell on it too much, if at all. Now grown ups? Well that's another story.

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