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    Charlie Welder Rosenberg

    Who needs DJs?! Really??

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    Charlie Welder Rosenberg

    Lol what? He simply tried to trademark HIS brand… Disney is the one that attacked HIM, how is HE doing this for publicity?

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    This won’t even affect the Walt Disney Company’s bottom line or image in any way. I think that he should be able to trademark his brand; he’s not making a profit off the Walt Disney Company. In addition, the image doesn’t even look like Mickey Mouse. The ears are larger and less round, and the face of the helmet does not even resemble the adorable mouse we all love.

    I am a fan of Disney and Deadmau5 but I’m supporting Deadmau5 for this one.

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    I think the DJ is a jerk and is glad to get this publicity. And who needs DJs anyway?

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    I think the dj is using this as a marketing stunt to push his own popularity

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    Christy Gresham


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    Jack of all games

    I have a hard time believing that anyone could confuse this with Mickey. All I see is a smiley face with roundish ears. It has none of Mickey’s details and the proportions are off by quite a bit. Now, Disney can through a ridiculous amount of money at something like this, and they do need to aggressively defend their copyrights. However, I think Deadmau5 has a good case for his copyright and I think Disney will be hard-pressed to show any confusion between the two.

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