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    Nancy Heck Faust

    Up until now I have heard nothing but good things about the movie! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, although I didn’t analyze it in the same ways you did. I thought the lessons that the movie highlighted were interesting! Why does a good person become evil at least on the exterior? What is true love? Also how do you know who is worthy of your trust? I’d much prefer to see the other side of Maleficent than to be frightened by her! I’m glad she got her revenge on King Stefan! After all, good rules over evil! It wasn’t as dark as I was expecting, but I was actually glad!

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    Nicci P

    I agree totally. I was so disappointed in the last half of the film. It was like making a movie about Scar and turning him into nothing but a lovable kitten. Also, the 3 fairies were horrendous. I couldnt stand any scene they were in.

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