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    I sincerely don’t think anyone is saying they are “better people or parents.” This is a cautionary tale to all of us that Disney can be dangerous. It’s a warning that we all have to be more diligent about watching our kids and even ourselves when on rides & in the parks. You never know what can happen – this obviously was an accident, we don’t want it to happen again.

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    Hey Jason! Obviously we can’t completely speculate as to what happened on the ride. I hope the parents weren’t being irresponsible by not watching their child. I have to agree with you, more often than not kids are out of control at the parks. Running through people, bumping into people, and almost getting knocked over (it’s happened to me numerous times). Parents DO need to take more care when teaching their children proper Disney behavior – I never would have gotten away with the way some of these children act when I was there as a kid. Disney is a luxury and unfortunately some parents attitudes ruin it for other guests (especially the ones with the strollers). I hope more parents will take this as a warning sign and put their child in between them and another adult on rides without belts.

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    Safia – Lose the attitude, it isn’t necessary. Yes – parents SHOULD watch their children every second at Disney – ESPECIALLY when they are boarding or leaving a ride. What exactly is wrong with my previous statement?

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    Safia R.

    Come back when you have a child and know how hard it is to “keep an eye on their children every second”…

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    I think what the author meant was that the ride was INSPIRATION FOR the movies. Regardless, wishing the child a speedy recovery.

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    Heather Estes

    Poor baby! Much love and pixie dust to him for a speedy recovery. Best wishes to his family, too.

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    Jason Pope

    Epic Parenting fail. DISCIPLINE your kids.. make them behave.. How can you FALL out if you were sitting in the dadgummed seat in the first place? I see it every day in cars and I saw it at the parks.. parents have no discipline at all for their kids and let them run them.. Coming soon seat belts mandatory on Small world and Pirates.. /smh thanks incompetent parents for NOT parenting.

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    Jessica Gelatt

    Is it bad all I got from that was “THE RIDE DIDNT COME FROM THE MOVIES!!!!!!” It was more than likely the result of negligent parents

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    How sad. I hope the boy is doing well and makes it through OK. Kids are tougher than we give them credit for sometimes so it may turn out well. I’m sure the parents are having a rough go of it and I wish them the best.
    I also agree that the pious holier than thou comments are unnecessary but as always, someone’s tragedy is someone else’s cue to act like nothing like this will ever happen to them because they are better people or parents. I won’t tempt fate like that pretending that things will never go wrong for me.

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    Yes, these people don’t seem to realize that at some point in their lives someone they love fell off a bike, or had a near miss in a car, or could have choked on some food, or any number of everyday accidents that happen. Of course when it happens to someone else they have to get in their little comments of how the other person should have been more careful or wasn;t watching or blah blah blah. That’s why we call them accidents people!
    Best wishes for a full recovery and hope the family is doing ok in this difficult time. Positive vibes to the people who feel that negative comments are necessary when they see someone else’s tragedy and hopefully they eventually learn that putting that negative message out is not helping anyone, including themselves. Positivity all around.

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    So typical. Whenever there is an accident there are always blame trolls commenting like they actually know what happened and making sure to get their 2 cents in on who’s fault it is. Is it so tough to just wish the child and family well rather than pretend you have superior parenting skills and that nothing wrong has ever happened to anyone on your family?
    Accidents happen. Send good wishes to the family and stop laying blame.

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    prayers go out to the little one

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    Patricia Simmons

    how do you fall in if you are sitting on the ride. please keep an eye on your kids………..

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    Simon @ MickeysForum.com

    Yeah I read the news and it’s just sad. The father shouldn’t have let the boy stand up. It’s a ride, it might not be FAST, but it’s chokes every now and then.

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    Sam Onomatopoeia Perry

    We had a similar thing happen at WDW–I’m pretty sure that at one point, someone almost dropped either a small child or an object off of the boat in front of us. There were a few gasps, but everything turned out alright. Goes to show how important it is to BE CAREFUL in these kinds of situations!

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    Donna Smolij

    Prayers go out to the family. Though this is why I always had my son in between two adults, not that he liked it, but for safety’s sake.

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    So heartbreaking! This is why parents must keep an eye on their children every second when at Disney!

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