Are Disney World Ticket Prices About to Increase?


A few months ago that gossip hound, Anonymouse, reported that we should be on the ready for Disney World ticket price increase in the near future. That gossip is now starting to look a little more like the truth. There have been rumblings recently of ticket price increases happening earlier than they did last year. In 2012 we saw prices increase in June. This year many sources are saying that an increase could come as early as April 2013!

In the recent Mousesavers newsletter they state “I think it’s possible the Orlando parks price increase could happen at the beginning of April this year. So you may have about 2 months before prices go up, but I’d suggest buying sooner.” Mousesavers is a great source for current deals and discounts and is usually pretty good with these types of predictions as well.

It has also been suggested that no expiration tickets could become a thing of the past. If you are a person who takes advantage of this option to stretch your ticket over a few trips, you should think about buying this sooner than later.

You can buy your tickets now before the price increase and still use them for your trip later this year! Tickets are not activated until first use. Also, If you have already purchased a package from Disney your prices will not increase. However, if you have been hemming and hawing over when to book, now is a good time! The current room and ticket discounts are going to be gone for February and March bookings on Friday. April through June discounts expire for booking March 31. This may be the cheapest you see tickets for the rest of the year not to mention years to come!

Do you agree that ticket prices will be going up or do you think its all rumor?

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  • Colette Jouret

    vend ou echange passport disneyland paris°O° °O° °O°

  • Lori

    My family and I go to Disney every year we give up Christmas so we can afford to go because we cant do both, we are coming at the end of April. We always visit all 4 parks and my most favorite (Magic Kingdom) twice .If “EVERYTHING” continues to become more expensive then I will be forced to only go to 1 park and introduce my children to Universal Studios,Sea World, Lego Land and other attractions for our LAST trip to Florida as for travel expenses, lodging and food are also outragously expensive. It will be sad to see this part of our vacation disappear :(. On the bright side there are many more places in the world to see but nothing like Disney. Hope you reevaluate your decision so that so many other families dont lose out on such a beautiful experience

  • DisneyDayByDay

    Is it this time of year again already??

  • T. W.

    I think that with the price of oil and then in turn everything else going up, it is a given that park tickets will go up in price. It will make it harder to go but I personally am committed to continue to go so we will just have to become more creative in our planning. I’m not ready to give up my happy place!

  • Lindsay Whitaker

    I believe they will- especially since the new expansion has occurred. It’s sad though because even as a Florida resident, there are not much “discounts” given to us now either. I like to take “quick-trips” and we go twice a year for sure. It’s becoming harder and harder to afford. :-( We just came back from a trip in earlier this month and we will be going again in May for my DD’s birthday but I am seriously thinking that this could be the last trip for a few years. It just costs too much and I don’t even stay ON property most of the time!!