Disney World Quick Tips – Tips for Moms at Walt Disney World

My first trip to Walt Disney World as a mom was a complete mess.  I was unorganized and unprepared.  I experienced a lot of stressful events at Walt Disney World that year, so to spare you from making the same mistakes I made…

Here are my top 5 tips for Moms at Walt Disney World.

  • Always take baby wipes, no matter what age your child (or husband) is!  Someone is bound to get messy and it is great not having to run into the bathroom here or there just to wash hands.  They are also great for an afternoon pick me up.  Just rub a baby wipe across your neck and over your face and feel refreshed!
  • If you do not have a refrigerator in your room you can still chill bottles of water!  At night fill your sink with free ice from the vending machine and put some bottle waters in to chill for the next day.  By morning the ice will have melted and the water can drain nicely down the sink.  Pack the water (or juice boxes) in a  cooler before you leave for the Parks and they will stay nice and cold inside a cooler till you are ready for a drink. If you are bringing a cooler make sure to pack these 5 snacks!
  • Keep your purse organized with Ziploc bags!  Seriously, these things are great!  You never know when you might get wet at Walt Disney World and who wants to chance it with cameras, video cameras, and phones?  It is much easier to find what you need when your personal items are organized and a lot less time consuming then dumping your purse out on Main Street searching frantically on your hands and knees for your Photopass card.  Seriously, been there done that.
  • If a Cast Member asks if they can assist you, let them!  Disney staff is highly trained and are some of the best employees in the world.  They deal with family crises everyday and handle them well.  I have never seen a Cast Member get annoyed when stopped to answer a question.   They may even have something extra magic up their sleeve for you.  And remember, please and thank you go a long way!
  • Depending on how old your kids are, pick out 8-12 must do’s at each park.  After you have experienced those, enjoy the day.  Slow down and notice the little magic happening all around you.  Walt Disney World has magic in every last detail and if you are so attraction focused you may miss out on something really special.

So there you have it, my top 5 never fail suggestions for mothers braving Walt Disney World for the first time with children!  But mostly don’t forget to have fun!  A Walt Disney World vacation holds memories in every corner, make sure you enjoy them!

What are some of your tips?

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Jackie is a fun loving wife, mother and Disney Blogger! She enjoys making each trip enjoyable by sharing tips and idea's on how to have the best Walt Disney World vacation possible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/airym79 Myria Johnson

    First trip to Disney with a child comes in 2 months. I am hoping for more magical moments than overwhelming ones.

  • cakemama

    I purchased a Vera Bradley ID holder to use with my lanyard. It held tickets, fast passes, Photopass, etc. It was so nice to have everything in one small pouch with a zipper to keep it secure. We also did pressed pennies this year. My kids (10 & 4) had such a great time doing this! We took two M&M tubes, one filled with quarters and pennies, the other empty to hold the pressed pennies. Then we brought them home and divided into books for each of them.