Disney World Quick Tips – Taking A Break While On The Run

A visit to Walt Disney World can be exhausting. Most experienced visitors will encourage you to take a break each day by going back to your resort for a dip in the pool and a short nap. Many of you know that is not always possible because of short visit time constraints, off site lodging, or any one of countless other reasons.  We always try to take a break but are many times not successful. Cheer up, there are ways to take a break while still technically touring. My three favorites are listed here in reverse order of preference.

3. Sitting in the Grand Floridian Lobby – This is a very pleasant way to spend an hour or so refreshing yourself for the rest of your day. There is often a piano player or even a full dance band playing very pleasant music depending on the time of day. Stop by the Sandy Cove store in the left rear portion of the lobby, get yourself a cool drink, and sit on one of the comfortable chairs/couches for a pleasant rest.

2. Taking the Boat Ride from Port Orleans to Downtown Disney (or reverse) – This is a great way to take a cool comfortable rest from an otherwise hectic day. The boat goes from Port Orleans Riverside to Port Orleans French Quarter to Downtown Disney and also goes in the opposite direction. We have found this to be a great way to end your day if you are staying at the Port Orleans resorts. We have taken a bus from the “park of the day” to Downtown Disney just so we could take the boat for a chance to unwind before retiring for the day.

1. Sitting on the Back Porch at the Boardwalk Inn – If you look at the photo above you can see why this is a great way to take a break. If you exit the Boardwalk Lobby headed for the Boardwalk and Crescent Lake, this is what you will see as you come out the door. There are lots of chairs and there is rarely a lot of foot traffic on the porch. The porch itself is raised and very shady. It offers lovely views of the Boardwalk itself and the resorts surrounding Crescent Lake and you will find that the view is just as lovely after dark although the traffic on the Boardwalk itself is quite a bit heavier. Fear not though because the porch is set far enough back so that you won’t be bothered by crowd noise.

It’s almost always better to head back to your resort for a dip and a nap but if that is not possible, try one of the above retreats. Enjoy your visit!!


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