Disney World Quick Tips – Should You Use A Travel Agent?

Should I use a Travel Agent? This question is one that is asked as often as any by folks planning a Walt Disney World Vacation. It is a big question in the minds of those planning their first, second, or even third visit. A basic answer to this question is – Yes! There are, of course, exceptions to this particularly among really seasoned travelers to Walt Disney World who often know what, where, and when they are going to do everything on their visit.

I probably qualify as a seasoned visitor but I do use a Travel Agent whenever I visit Walt Disney World. Why? Because a good travel agent has access to information earlier and more reliably than the vast majority of visitors. They also know trends and what and when to look for the best deals that Disney often offers. There is also no charge for their services (but always ask just in case) because they are paid by Disney and the commission they receive does not have an effect on the price you pay.

What should you look for in a travel agent?:

  1. ALWAYS use a Disney Specialist who is associated with a reputable, Disney oriented agency.
  2. Find a full service agent – that is someone who will do as little or as much as you want them to do in relation to your visit. They will do everything from airline reservations to Advanced Dining Reservations if they are truly full service. After you make initial contact I recommend a phone call so you can outline in detail which aspects of your visit you want them to handle. You should also follow up the call with a detailed e-mail.
  3. They should be available by phone during business hours and you can send them e-mail at any time. Good agents check e-mail continually and answer quickly.
  4. Find someone you feel you can trust. This is the most difficult and definitely the most important trait to find but when you find an agent you can trust you will go back to them again and again.

You can find agents in a number of ways you can search online, talk to other Disney Addicts or even use who Chip recommends Destinations in Florida! I hope this answers the question I posed and as always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!

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