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    Robin B

    So smart! I’m going to implement this next trip! The included drink is such a value in and of itself! Esp at quick service places like Backlot Express, where you can refill your drink. Thanks!

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    Stephanie Wilder-Flanagan

    Omg’sh, Thank You!! This is our first time going to Disney World and we have 2 kids. We were debating on whether or not to get the dining plan and everyone kept telling us to get it but I kept researching it cuz I just knew there had to be a way around it and I found this page! THANK GOD! We always share our meals anyways wherever we go just to save money and we never even finish the one meal together. So buying kids meals and even sharing those is going to save us tons! Cuz if we are still hungry, we can always go buy another kids meal and share it again! You are the BEST! =D

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    Great tip! Thanks for the example pictures.

  4. 5

    Disney Diva

    Wow! I am so glad that you liked it Angela! that makes me feel great!!!

  5. 4


    Hmmm, maybe when I spend the day at the parks I might actually eat lunch or dinner instead of surviving on a Mickey’s Premium Bar all day.

  6. 3

    Angela Rossillo

    After reading your article, I called WDW reservations to cancel our meal plan.

    After all is said and done, they took $420 off our reservation and refunded it back to my card.

    Here’s the math I worked out.

    Disney charged $420 for the meal plan we chose.
    We would normally pay out of pocket, for the same plan, $330, give or take $10.
    By purchasing kids’ meals, we will spend $168.
    That is a ridiculous savings of $252!


  7. 2

    Carey Cox

    That is great news because I never eat the full meal………………..

  8. 1

    Tracy G

    This is GENIUS! I had planned on sharing some QS meals with my husband on our next trip but now I can have what I want and he can have the bigger meal he wants!! Thank you!

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