Disney World Quick Tips – How to get Pin Codes

One of the most sought after Disney Discounts is the elusive Disney Pin Code. While Disney releases great Discounts to the Parks that are available to everyone there are a few discounts Mickey hides up his sleeves.

While there is no sure-fire way to get a Disney Pin code I am going to offer up a few tricks I have done that has nabbed me several Disney Pin codes in my email & snail mail box every few months. Remember these Pin Codes are non transferable and is linked to you and your address so sharing is not allowed.

  1. Head over to the Disney World or Disneyland site and create an account. My suggestion would be create and account for yourself and then one for your spouse, partner, kids, etc. Just so long as you can get to the email account. I did one for my work email @chipandco.com and one for my gmail account.
  2. Order a Disney Planning DVD. If you goto the links about you will see a graphic where you can order one. I do this every year. It’s free and doesn’t cost you a thing. When you get it make up some popcorn and have a fun Disney Family Night watching it.
  3. Play around on the Disney sites. Create a vacation and save it. Browse deals and offers. Just make sure your logged in. Disney monitors all the things you do on their site so believe they are watching you.
  4. Register for Giveaways. I post a lot of the Disney Giveaways on the Chip and Company site so be sure to enter them and again make sure you are logged in. Just bookmark this link and you can enter ours or any other Disney Giveaway I find on the net.
  5. Book your vacation through Disney. In the past I booked our vacation online on the Disney World website myself. While I love Disney Travel Agents sometimes I try to mix things up and do it myself.  Not sure if this works but I would imagine you would be in their database somewhere.
  6. Photopass. Make sure you have an account there as well. I highly recommend using this free service at the parks and make sure you use a valid email address for your account. You know the Disney Marketing Machine has to share emails between its other departments.
  7. Be patient. While you may not get one right away just keep plugging away. Eventually you might get one.

I know for me it has taken several years to get one but now they come in pretty regular. We were debating on using our Free Dining for our upcoming trip. If you have any Disney Pin Code Tips or Tricks let us know in the comment box below.

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  1. Swrightscenic says:

    I want to say when I was younger my mom received one after planning our lasted Disney Trip. It was special seating for the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. We also received a special Tinkerbell pin. She said it must have been because Disney could see we had been there a few times before. But it sounds a lot like your pin code. I just planned our trip in September I hope I get one soon.

  2. Kim D Casey says:

    We are going next month to disney world and would love a pin code….disney with 3 kids is mot cheap! :)

  3. I never received a PIN code, but I called every day for a few weeks asking about them. Eventually they gave me one over the phone, and I have free dining for next month!

  4. Usually Disney Destinations

  5. Ecwilliams21 says:

    when you get them in your email, who is the email usually from? so that we can be on the look out in the future!

  6. Vanessahuntbach says:

    i signed up for a planing dvd and poof one or two weeks later i got sent a pin code its just to bad i cant use it! it was for disney world and i’m a disney land girl.

  7. Great, great, GREAT advice! I tell everyone this, but they look at me like I’m crazy. Okay, I AM crazy, but who doesn’t play around on the Disney World website in their spare time?! This is the topic of my next blog post. Do it. Do it. Do it.

  8. Nrpelloat says:

    what are pin codes? are they offer’s and discounts that they give out to certain members?

  9. Thank you for the great tips!!! I am going to start now!!!