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    Bridget Larmour Williams

    I just took a Survey on their website. Hope that helps me get a pincode!!!

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    I want to say when I was younger my mom received one after planning our lasted Disney Trip. It was special seating for the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom. We also received a special Tinkerbell pin. She said it must have been because Disney could see we had been there a few times before. But it sounds a lot like your pin code. I just planned our trip in September I hope I get one soon.

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    Kim D Casey

    We are going next month to disney world and would love a pin code….disney with 3 kids is mot cheap! 🙂

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    I never received a PIN code, but I called every day for a few weeks asking about them. Eventually they gave me one over the phone, and I have free dining for next month!

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    Usually Disney Destinations

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    when you get them in your email, who is the email usually from? so that we can be on the look out in the future!

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    i signed up for a planing dvd and poof one or two weeks later i got sent a pin code its just to bad i cant use it! it was for disney world and i’m a disney land girl.

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    Great, great, GREAT advice! I tell everyone this, but they look at me like I’m crazy. Okay, I AM crazy, but who doesn’t play around on the Disney World website in their spare time?! This is the topic of my next blog post. Do it. Do it. Do it.

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    Christie McGuire Struck

    We got a pin code for free quick service dining at value resorts for this November. I am SO excited! I wouldn’t pay that much for it (It would have been $1400 for our family of 4 this vacation), but it is a lovely, lovely perk. I wouldn’t want to have the Table Service dining, I much prefer to have the flexibility to eat where we are rather than go where we are planning to eat or worry about being at the right place at the right time. Our focus is the attractions more than the dining, but others may focus more on the dining opportunities.

    When we got the pin code, we called and booked our trip that day! 😀 Can’t wait for November!

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    what are pin codes? are they offer’s and discounts that they give out to certain members?

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    Thank you for the great tips!!! I am going to start now!!!

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    Nicole Oman

    Our last 2 trip we used the pin code we got in an email. It was a better deal then the offer they had on line.

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