Who Would Not Want a Disney World Personal Shopper?


I recently was made aware of a service that has offered up the World to my front door…Walt Disney World of course. What is this amazing service you ask? It is the Personal Disney Shopper. I was so excited to think I could have someone go to any of the parks or resorts and buy me all the items my heart misses when I am not there. Do I want the newest released merchandise from Haunted Mansion? No problem! Trading Pins from anywhere? No problem!

Next step…what would I order??? Well, Valentine’s Day was the very next week and I was going to be out of town. Not that this posed any big problems for my husband but I thought how can I be gone but still make it sort of special? Well I did or I had some help as Disney World Personal Shopper made it happen. I had a sweet Valentine’s Day pin and 2 red chocolate covered heart cookies specially made and wrapped up from somewhere at Disney sent to my house.

I knew I wanted to try one of these shoppers and from what I can gather there are definitely a few. I perused a few websites and found the one that appealed to me. I then looked through her pictures and saw the pin and thought that is cute and then I saw the crème de resistance and that was the special holiday cookies. So, I checked out the rules and sent a few emails and maybe a text when questions came up – such as they only have red chocolate or white chocolate and not dark chocolate for the cookies (thanks for asking and not deciding!) I got confirmation my package had shipped on a Saturday and it arrived on Monday.

In the end, I paid less than $40.00 for the pin, 2 cookies, shipping and a small service fee…and I had my gift in a few days with no problems. I was thrilled. So, I decided to tell all of you about my experience and some additional information on Disney World Personal Shoppers. Well, to reveal the truth, Chip wanted a cupcake and so I had to get some more info on what all can be bought and what is really the story when you are a personal shopper. So with this info maybe one day you can go buy me things at Disney as well or use a personal shopper (either way?!)

I used Disney World Personal Shoppers for my experience. I asked Amy Donoho, from Disney World Personal Shoppers, about what is the most obscure or random thing people have asked for? You all want to know so do not even think of moving on…here is what she said:

“We can purchase anything from any Walt Disney World resort, park, or Downtown Disney, therefore we get lots of requests for lots of different items. I suppose, besides the Leather Sketch Dooneys I searched for a customer for months, it would have to be a dog tag necklace. They wanted a tag from each park, and the tag machines are constantly out of order. It took awhile to get the tags, but I did, and it made an awesome surprise for someone who had lost theirs.

They also offer “live” Disney outlet runs once a month where they announce it and you text them what you want and paypal them immediately the money. The WDW outlet features WDW merchandise up to 70% off theme park prices, and they are not seconds, or irregulars, so how cool is that? They can deliver to resorts, I have heard that they may deliver alcohol (like rum for Mai Tais!) if you do not want to pay quite so much as a drink on property or if you want to deliver a gift basked to a couple of newlyweds to start their Disneymoon off right. Or most important, feel free to send me any and all treats, pins, irregulars, regulars, etc.


Take a look at their website (www.disney-world-personal-shopper.com) or their facebook page (www.facebook.com/DisneyWorldShopper) and see if they or any personal shopper can be of help to you!

Let me know how it goes! Tell me what have you ordered? Oh, and for the record you can not ship cupcakes to Chip! But next time he goes to WDW you can have them delivered to his room in a gift basket from your favorite Personal Shopper.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kmatherne Kristi Allemand Matherne

    I’ve gone to her before and it was not a quick service at all. Infact the item that she was offering I called Disney World Mail order and got it from Disneyland, before she even told me if they still had the item. It took her 2 weeks just to tell me they didn’t have anymore. Sorry I will not be using them again.

  • Brenda

    I have ordered pins from them and was also asked to pay as a “gift”. It has been more than a week since I paid and they have not yet been shipped. I don’t think that is acceptable as these are pins they already have on hand and don’t need to be purchased. I also feel that if they want to do this a business, then they should be paying the proper Paypal fees as a cost of doing business so that the buyer’s have protection.

  • Michele

    Thanks for the review!! I recently started shopping w/ Disney World Personal Shopper and have not had a problem. They are very helpful and ,willing to answer my many questions. Quick shipping. Also, I love their vlogs that they recently started to post. Plan on buying from Disney World Personal Shopper alot!!!

  • Faith

    Thanks for the review :) Amy and Elizabeth are great and work really hard to get exactly what you ask for…..they hunt high and low for unique merchandise and always post great new items when they are released.

  • Chris

    This is awesome – I had never heard of this before….what a great idea! I will definitely use this for the holidays to get some very Disney stocking stuffers! Now if they could just figure out a way to ship a Dole Whip! :-) Thanks Tara for the review!

  • Mia

    Beware – this personal shopper has also creeped around on FB and stolen customers from other personal shoppers (pretending to be them). Not cool. I’m sure they are good at shopping…. BUT, I question their business ethics and would definitely go with someone else! I chose to use another company on our last trip.

  • Rachel

    I love WDW Personal Shopper. She’s delivered things to my resort while I’ve been on vacation, and I’ve ordered via mail order from her several times. I’ve never had any issues with wrong orders or waits. She is very prompt to respond to emails/texts, which is nice. Her Live Outlet Runs are the best! Great review!

  • Sarah

    I have used this service twice and both times I had a bad experience. First time I ordered merchandise and it took 3 weeks to get to me.
    Second I ordered groceries and they didn’t purchase what I requested.
    Plus they wanted payment as a “gift” with PayPal. There is no recourse to get your money back that way (very shady)

    Never again!