Is Disney World Free Dining For You?

Disney World Free Dining is again being offered at Walt Disney World. My family and I have enjoyed this great deal for four years now. When our dining receipts are all tallied up the amount spent for our meals, coupled with the convenience of the plan, have made free dining a truly great deal for us.

During our longer trips, we enjoy the Plus Dining plan which offers high quality food in a unique dining atmosphere, sometimes even with characters. We enjoy sitting down with the family and feasting on succulent steak, authentic area cuisine from around the world, and capping it all off with a decadent creme brulee.

During our shorter trips, we enjoy the Quick Service Plan because of the flexibility and convenience. When trying to cram a week’s worth of park-hopping into a few days, it is convenient to just stop and eat when we get hungry, with no reservation required.

If you are interested in booking a Disney World Free Dining package, here are the details:

  • Travel between August 25, 2012 – September 29, 2012
  • Offer is not valid for Campsites, Art of Animation or All-Star Music Family Suites
  • Minimum 2-day ticket
  • Minimum 3-night stay
  • Book this offer until May 18th
  • Free Plus Dining Plan for moderate and deluxe resorts
  • Free Quick Service Plan for value resorts

Here are a few tips:

  • Remember, if you have an existing reservation and you meet the above criteria, you can add this promotion.
  • Treat this like it’s the only offer you’ll see for this time period. I know some people are waiting for annual passholder discounts or for room discounts (which often work better at the deluxe resorts), but we can’t predict if Disney will release those. Purchase this package now and change it later if something better comes out.

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  • Brenda

    I agree. It would be great if the hotels located outside Disney property would offer such a deal.

  • Brenda

    That is correct!!

  • Jamcgee410

    And don’t forget as long as you check in by the 29th you can have free dining for the remainder of your trip. This is still the case correct?

  • Mouch01

    My understanding is this is only good if you stay at a Disney hotel/resort. I wish there was the same discount/plan for people staying outside. We would so go for it!

  • Brenda

    Hi Michaelyn,
    The only regular deal currently offered for the time period of August 25, 2012 through September 29, 2012 is free dining. You might be speaking of a PIN CODE offer (?) and, if that is the case, you will have to choose one or the other. Sorry about that!

  • Brenda

    I can totally sympathize with you about the AoA resort, Greeneducks! I hate that my clients can’t have the best of both worlds. Ultimately, people have to do what is best for them but I wish you could have gotten both!

  • Michaelyn Pouncey

    Here is my question…can you combine deals and get a meal deal along with the stay 3 days get one night free (or whatever that type of deal is…can’t remember it exactly!)

  • Greeneducks

    I hate that they aren’t allowing family suite reservations!! It pretty much eliminates larger families from getting a good deal on dining! I had to switch my reservation at the Art of Animation Resort (which we were really looking forward to staying at) and instead book 2 rooms at Pop Century. I understand why they didn’t include AOA, because it’s new and exciting, but believe me there’s nothing fancy about the All Star Music suites!! But I’ll jump through the Disney hoops to get Free Dining…’s too good to pass up! I can smell Le Cellier now…….;0)