What’s Better Than a Dole Whip?

A search has been going on at Disney World and all over the globe to asked people one simple question:

What’s better than a Dole Whip?

And we have to give these fans at Disney Food Report a round of applause because they did not disappoint.

The videos, testimonials, articles, and some performances, all bring us one step closer to the answer every Disney Foodie has been yearning to know – What’s better than a Dole Whip?

So please join Disney Fans and Foodies at DisneyFoodReport.com to drink, dine, and share experiences about the most magical place, Walt Disney World. Browse over Disney restaurant reviews, Disney Dining Plan tips, and Epcot Food and Wine news and search to discover new tastes and dining experiences that one day may rival the all might Dole Whip.

Share what you think is better than a Dole Whip. Post your video, comments, or photos on their Disney Food Report Facebook page

Some of these videos have been done by trained professionals. Don’t try these stunts at home.

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  • Vanessahuntbach

    nothing is better than a dole whip!