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  • Kitti2

    all i know is that if my kids don't get to see Camp Rock because of this, we will be switching. I pay a lot of money each month to time warner every month and all I want in exchange is to be able to watch the channels I want to watch. Not my problem if Time Warner has to pay more. I've faithfully paid my bill each month and it doesn't seem like they are hurting for cash so I hope they continue to deliver the two channels my family enjoys — Disney Channel for my kids and ESPN for my husband

  • Scare tactics on the part of Disney. They're trying to screw all providers for maximum $$$, and taking their arguments public. We're not talking 10 or 15% increases here – we're talking 300% or so. Disney did this to Cablevision in NYC. Other providers are playing hardball too – one group of Fox stations tried to hold cable companies hostage too. Truth: DISNEY can't afford to lose the 2nd largest cable provider in the country. As providers face losses of advertising revenues, they try to make it up in fees – but if they go too far, they'll screw themselves in the end. An agreement will be reached, and life will go on.

    Why aren't more people talking about this? 1) Most people have a life outside TV 2) Many folks are smart enough to research both sides

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