Disney Souvenir Shopping: Five Tips to Make it Magical!


You can’t go to Walt Disney World without buying souvenirs!  This is true on so many levels….you want to remember your trip with something special, many items are ONLY found in Disney Parks, and we all agree that Disney has marketing down to a science.  So, how do you decide what to buy?  What’s worth it?  What is something unique?  Let me share with you Five Tips for Shopping for Souvenirs at the Disney Parks.

  • Before you leave, buy Disney gift cards so you can set a limit.  When we travel, we often buy each of our children a $50 gift card, and then one of a slightly larger amount for us parents to use.  This is beneficial because then you have an idea of how much you’re spending AND in many cases you’ll get fuel discounts if you buy the gift cards at the grocery :).  
  • When at Disney, and you find a souvenir you REALLY want, buy it.  Or, make a note of it on your phone or somewhere so you can come back and get it later.  Many times, what you see is probably unique to that park.  There’s a decent chance you won’t come across it later.

  • Take advantage of delivery to your room.  More than likely, you are shopping on Main Street, U.S.A. as a break from your touring, or as you enter the park.  You don’t want to leave your packages with your stroller, nor do you want to carry them around all day.  So, let Disney bring them to your resort for you.  Package delivery is available for guests staying in a Disney resort.  They’ll either bring it directly to your room, or you will pick it up at the gift shop or Concierge desk at your resort.
  • Keep an eye out for resort specific merchandise.  If you are looking for a shirt, pen, or perhaps even a picture frame to show the resort you stayed at, you’ll find it at that resort.
  • When shopping for souvenirs, many times I try to shop for quality or “keepsake appeal”.  Is it something I’ll have forever?  Sometimes that means spending a little more money….but I’d rather that, than buy a super cheap item only to have it break and my children be disappointed.

Do you shop for souvenirs at Disney?  If so, what tips to you have?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=711715855 Beka Caudill

    I’ve found that if you see something you want, and haven’t seen it before, BUY IT THEN! I’ve passed on things thinking “I’ll get it later” or “I don’t want to carry it through the parks” only to realize later that the item is sold out and not being restocked.

  • Robin B

    Excellent advice about buying what you like then and there, OR making note of what it is, and what shop and park it’s in. I’ve made the mistake before of waiting, and then either not being able to find it, or forgetting what shop I saw it in.

    I also did the $50 gift cards for my kiddos for this summer’s trip. A good budget practice for them.

  • MaxS.

    Three things I wanted to mention: 1, the package pick-up service at the parks. If you’re staying off-site, or if it’s your last day at a Disney hotel, you can have your purchases sent to the front of the park for pick-up on your way out at the end of the day. This is a great option for some. 2, When you buy something at a Disney resort, there is a phone number on the bottom of your receipt. This is to a Disney Merchandise department that might be able to locate where you can find a specific item, a good option if you forgot to buy that t-shirt you saw on your first day and put it off, and then didn’t see again. And 3, at Downtown Disney, inside the World of Disney store, is a merchandise service desk; if you have the description and item number of something, they can look it up and tell you where on Disney property you can find it. This is if you saw that perfect t-shirt and don’t see anywhere else, and can’t remember where you saw it!

  • cindioverstreet

    I always get a a Christmas ornament, a small plushie and a scarf. I also look for magnets and one of my favorites is a small plush Pooh Bear about 3-4 inches tall that has magnetic paws and is clinging on my pole lamp. Trading pins are are great souvvie as well.

  • Marian

    When you find a something and you think you might want to come back and get it~like they said, write it down or take note of it somehow because you go into so many “shops” that it’s hard to remember where it was! Happy shopping!

  • Scott Morris

    we have certain things we buy each trip, which we plan out beforehand. we always get a snowglobe, a frame, and a few tee shirts. we also use our Disney Visa all through the year so we can accrue points to put towards a disney gift card. plus, if you go above $50 and use your Disney Visa, you get a discount on most items.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rebecca.g.ward.5 Rebecca Giarratano Ward

    We always buy an ornament and have the date put on it – I get a charm or two for my charm bracelet – and I can look at my bracelet and tell you what trip and who I was with when I got it :)