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    Theme parks would never give away soft drinks. They’re a huge source of income at the prices they practice. Does anybody know if Coca-cola charges nothing to Disney for the beverages in exchange for being the only soda provider at WDW and the visibility from this?

    If they are going to cut off the people who drink in old cups, why these new cups should cost more? Aren’t they saving money?

    I hope the chip in the cup doesn’t control how much and how often we refill the mug. When Disney first tested it, if I’m not mistaken, one could only refill 3 times in an hour! That is terrible. What if we didn’t like the tea and wanted some coffee instead? Having to wait 20 minutes to refill the mug is very umpractical.

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    Daryl W

    It would be nice if they add the parks to the mug too, but I understand
    why they are going to this, to many people using the older mugs. They
    are usually the ones complaining about the change.

    We get new mugs every time we go, so it won’t affect us.

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    We are DVC members and I totally get why they are doing it. See people all the time with old mugs but…. that said why is it other not so major theme parks offer free soda with the price of admission. And word on when this will take place?Or is it just being tested at The All Star Resorts?

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    i never used our mugs at the resort. kind of a bummer but whatever. doesnt really affect me at all

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    So is this only refillable at resorts? If it is then that stinks you would only fill it 2 times unless you head back to your resort. If they have the option to tell in the parks I think we would use these. We are a family of four and would probably get 2 and share.

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    Kimberly Searcy

    this sounds pretty cool! im a diet coke addict so for me for a few days the price might be worth it. i can understand why it would be irk other people though

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    I was told they will still be included with the Dining plan.

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    Will these mugs still come with the dining plan? If not, I won’t be getting one…it is too expensive for the amount I would really use it.

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    Desiree Frangiosa

    This isn’t something I’d use during my trip….I don’t carry my drink mugs around between resorts….

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