Disney Food Confession: Smoky Portobello Mushroom Soup.

What is it:  Smoky portobello mushroom soup with roasted Shiitakes and chive oil.

Where is it:  Artist Point, a Disney signature restaurant located in the Wilderness Lodge.

Why you want it:  The roasted mushrooms have a smoky, almost bacon-like texture and taste.  I swore it was bacon, which made me nervous because I’d recommended this to my vegetarian friend.  The soup is smooth and creamy and the chive oil gives it a little kick.  It’s also topped with deep fried shallots. They’re not breaded, just fried with a superb crunchy goodness.   You’ll love these.  Even if you don’t like mushrooms (we know you’re out there), you’ll love this soup.

A personal note:  This is the best soup I’ve ever had anywhere. In fact, it may be the best appetizer I’ve ever had.  Having said that, if you’re a vegetarian you should know that it contains chicken stock, which I found out after my vegetarian friend ate it. Oops. She hasn’t said, but I think it was worth it to shelve her scruples for one night.  It’s that good.  I mean, we’re both still talking about it.  You can probably call ahead and get the chef to make your soup sans chicken stock.   By the way, if you haven’t been, Artist Point is a hidden gem at WDW.  I highly recommend it.

Photo Credit:  I tend to eat most of my food before I take a photo, so rather than subject you to my messy plate, I got this photo here from Mike and Kelli’s cute Disneymoon page.

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