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We love Disney T-shirts, its one of the most popular items purchased in the parks.  However, what to do when it’s unwearable?  Maybe worn out from too many trips, stained from the Mickey Ear Ice Cream bar, or no longer fits (nothing to do with the Mickey Ear Ice Cream Bar).  You can always recycle (or the new word is upcycle) your favorites. Here are a few ideas of my own and some fun tips I found while searching the internet.

Make a Quilt

Or if you are like me, have someone make a quilt for you.  There are many services out there that will take your old t-shirts,  cut out the image and sew into a quilt of memories.  What better way to have your trip memories available as a cozy blanket to wrap around you as you watch your favorite Disney classic on TV. If you are handy of course you can do this on your own and make it a family project!

Write a Book

Many of the photo printing sites out there offer soft and hard cover books of your photos.  Some even use Disney backgrounds and graphics.  Often there are great deal for free books or half price book.  Take a close up photo of the image on your t-shirt.  Either on you or stretched out on the back of a chair.  Make a collage book of your favorite t-shirts and maybe include text with fun anctedotes of that particular trip.  For example: ” This is the 2010 trip shirt we bought Andrew after he got soaked on Splash Mountain”.  You can even put in a few pics of your family wearing the shirt on a trip.  Then if the shirt is in good shape, give to a charity of your choice.  There are many kids that will never make it to Disney and the shirt alone will be priceless.

Make a Journal

Now this is a simple craft to do with your older children. Purchase a plain journal, preferably with a hard cover. Lay out the book and arrange the t-shirt image around the front and back. Leaving an at least an inch extra, cut out the graphic from the shirt and any extra material for the back. Simply glue the flaps down inside the cover, folding corners as needed. Use binder clips to keep in place while the glue dries.  Cut away any extra fabric.  Now have a new journal. Maybe for recording memories of the next trip to Disney?

Repurpose the Shirt

  • Tote Bag:  The internet is full of ideas for repurposing t-shirts. One of the easiest is to turn it into a tote bag. It’s washable and durable and the world certainly has enough plastic bags! Click here for step-by-step instructions.
  • Throw Pillows:  What better way to decorate your child’s room (or your child at heart) than with throw pillows from Disney t-shirts.  Click here to get instructions for this fun project.
  • Wall Art:  No need to buy expensive art from Disney, use your t-shirts instead.  A quick trip to the art supply or craft store and you’re ready to redecorate.  Click here for the instructions to Disney decorate.
  • Purse:  What gal doesn’t love a big purse collection?  Trade that old t-shirt in for a cute little purse that will definitely be a conversation piece.  Click here for the instructions for a hip bag.
  • Laptop or Ipad Case: Keep those electronics protected and maybe disguised a bit. Click here for the Ipad instructions. Click here for the Laptop cover instructions.

I had fun finding some new ideas for recycling t-shirts.  Any ideas you would like to share?  Please leave in the comment section!

MickeyMom is a mom to two boys who keep outgrowing their Disney t-shirts.

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