Disney Confidential – Kona Cafe Gets a Refurb


Hey there guys and gals it is I, Anonymouse! Delivering to you the best in Disney News & Gossip. Today I want to jump right in to some interesting Disney Gossip about Kona Cafe which is one of my absolute favorite places to eat. If you have never been to Kona Cafe let me share with you this breakfast goodie.


That my friends is Tonga Toast. What is it you might ask? Well it’s cinnamon and sugar covered sourdough bread stuffed with sliced bananas toasted to a golden brown. You can have it served with or without strawberry compote. It is one of the most talked about ‘breakfast’ treats around “the world”. It comes with your choice of ham, sausage or bacon. YUM!

Ok sorry got sidetracked there. Focus Anonymouse focus…

Today’s gossip comes to us from a good friend of Chip and Co. She has it under good authority that Kona Cafe will turn the Dessert Bar into a Sushi Bar with seating to watch the sushi chefs. This will put the chefs in the limelight but closer to the kitchen. They would have a glass partition with a pass through. The current sushi bar will revert to a coffee bar and handle the take-out orders for Kona Cafe. Try the Kona Coffee best coffee in WDW and better than any Starbucks IMO.

So there you have it with the popularity of sushi on the rise you will see more of a presence at Kona Cafe. I talked to our fearless leader Chip n Dip and he has tried the sushi at Kona Cafe many times. He said and I quote, ” The sushi is so good it melts in your mouth.” I have so many ways I could pick on him right there I think it’s best if I want to keep my job to keep my mouth shut.

Anywho that is all the Gossip I have for now. See you real soon!!!! For more information you can check out my past Gossip articles here.

Got any good gossip/rumors?  Please email me at AnonyMouse@chipandco.com or on my Facebook Page.


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  • Suzy Giroux

    We Love Kona Cafe, it’s our traditional last breakfast the day we check out.