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Hey there Ladies and Gents it is I, Anonymouse!  Delivering right to your computer the best in Disney News & Gossip.  Normally, I bring you gossip that may happen, but there is a chance that it would not. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure on this front and want to grumble a little to my fellow Disney fans and that is about the prices at Disney going up..up…up.

First, did you hear the news last week that Table in Wonderland’s price is  jumping up to $100 for DVC and AP members and $125 for Florida residents? Now, for Florida residents my guess is this is still a good deal and great savings but for the DVC and AP members who only go 4 or 5 times a year, then they are going to need to re-do their numbers and see if it still works.

Disney ticket prices have no recent increases, which means watch out, because these prices have been raised 12 times over the last 9 years. But, to be fair to Disney with the increase in price does come constant upgrades, additions and refurbishment so the good news there is you get something for your dollars, but it is still increasing.

Lastly, Disney Dining Plan along the same trend is the pretty regular increase in prices and this has made for buying the DDP something to look closely at…now when Disney gives it free don’t think, just take it!

I am curious what you think…Disney is always spending money and it is a business, but do the price increases make you think twice about how much time you spend in the house with the Mouse? Let me know in the comments below.

Anywho that is all the Gossip I have for now. See you real soon!!!! For more information you can check out my past Gossip articles here.

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Chip and Co Guest Blogger

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Chip and Co Guest Blogger
  • Andrea Gardner

    This breaks my heart. I have been to Disney twice but my family (husband and kids) hs never been. We want to go next year but will our family of 7 be able to with all these increases? I am starting to have my doubts :(

  • Linda Campbell

    I am sure that Walt never meant for his guests to have to take out a second mortgage in order to visit the parks, but it is rapidly reaching that point. A couple thousand dollars is the minimum needed for a family of four and then that does not include the hopper passes – which are a true luxury item. Senior citizens pay the same amount as the other adults, yet cannot always take advantage of the rides due to health restictions. There should be another price point for seniors. Maybe that way the grandparents could enjoy the parks with their grandkids more. We have limited our trips to every 5 – 7 years due to the finances involved. We miss the fun and atmosphere of DW, but just cannot fit it into the budget. Too bad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.winchakgauthier Melissa Winchak Gauthier

    I think Disneyland and DW need to keep their prices affordable for families. They keep increasing…and I do understand that it costs a lot to keep Disney going, but look how many people go there on a daily basis. Do the math…not only do they have the parks but all the merchandise they have in stores too…I think they are doing fine. I dont see bancruptcy in their future haha. If they keep raising prices, people like myself and my family will no longer be able to buy season passes. They are getting outrageous and unless you want to take a second out on your house for the deluxe pass, you have tons of black out dates! I applaud Disney for the way they take care of their parks, and how maticulous they are with everything being perfect and well maintained…but they are just getting greedy I think with the prices and Walt did not want it that way.

  • cupper

    its getting hard enough now to eat the cost of the trip. i couldnt imagine it much more, we have always been lucky and the meal plan was always included. i have only been twice once in 2009 and 2011 now we are hooked. you treat your fans right and not nickle and dime them to death they will come back, you dont want to scare them away..