Disney Confidential – Disney to get rid of no expire ticket option


This week I have some interesting news from a great little site I follow Theme Park Insider. According to their site Disney is doing away with the no expire ticket option on Walt Disney World Tickets. When purchasing tickets on their all new website there is no longer an no expiration option available. According to readers you can still access the old Disney website or call and get them their, but for how long?

I believe Disney in their attempts to combat ticket fraud and the roll of out the new Disney My Magic+ they are tying to do away with tickets all together and this is one step in that direction. Also many of the ticket booths around WDW are pulling down the No Expire information all together.

From what I have read on the Chip and Co Facebook page the whole wristband debate is getting mixed reviews. Some people like the idea, and others do not like that Disney can track your every movement. What do you think? Let me know in the comment box below.

Anywho that is all the gossip I have right now. If you want to read the full article check it out here.  For my past Gossip articles be sure to check them out here.

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Update* –  I just called and found out that the “No Expiration” option is still available but no longer on the site. I was told you would have to call the reservation line or add that option at any of the theme parks. I could not get any info as to why it is no longer on the site but at least you can still get this option if you like. -Sunshine

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  • E-ticket-lizabeth

    since I always wear a watch, I’m not too worried about the wristband, and although I usually don’t give much personal info to companies, I have to admit I let Disney know my every move now anyway, just about! I’m looking forward to trying out the MyMagic+ and ESPECIALLY the FP reservations online!

  • Annette

    I HATE wristbands. I can’t stand having things on my wrists, then in the summer, they stick to your wrist and get so annoying.

  • http://twitter.com/Wraithkelso Tyler Kelson

    I am not a fan of the wristband, but my reason isn’t because of them tracking you, its because 90% of state fairs use wristbands for admission, and I have never liked using those. Plus, I always considered the fact that I have a physical ticket to use at fastpass distribution is much better, it feels like a higher quality thing… Also, if they do away with tickets, how would they keep fastpass?