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    since I always wear a watch, I’m not too worried about the wristband, and although I usually don’t give much personal info to companies, I have to admit I let Disney know my every move now anyway, just about! I’m looking forward to trying out the MyMagic+ and ESPECIALLY the FP reservations online!

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    I HATE wristbands. I can’t stand having things on my wrists, then in the summer, they stick to your wrist and get so annoying.

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    Tyler Kelson

    I am not a fan of the wristband, but my reason isn’t because of them tracking you, its because 90% of state fairs use wristbands for admission, and I have never liked using those. Plus, I always considered the fact that I have a physical ticket to use at fastpass distribution is much better, it feels like a higher quality thing… Also, if they do away with tickets, how would they keep fastpass?

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