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    Don’t have any pics to put up yet but my kids would love anything Disney for Christmas. Mickey, Princess…it does not matter to them.

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    have no picture to share, but would love to have disney ornaments for our tree!

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    I shared! Disney + Christmas = Awesome!

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    Christie Struck

    Those are really cute! Who doesn’t like Pooh and Lightning? 🙂

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    I also tweeted your contest even though I don’t have many followers

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    I would love for Santa Goofy to bring us a new tv!

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    Good luck to everyone and have a magical holiday!

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    Our tree isn’t up yet, but for Christmas I secretly want a Kermit the Frog plush. Our kids and their cousins got Muppets from the Disney Store for Christmas before they went to see the Muppet movie together, and not one picked Kermit as their favorite (we had a few Fozzies, Animal, Gonzo, and Miss Piggy).

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    My tree isn’t up yet as the hubby has been working 14 hour days! I would like Santa Goofy to bring me the monorail set!

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    BJ Neal

    I know this sounds greedy because I have kids but I would LOVE a day at MK all by myself for Christmas!

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    BJ Neal

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    ok I shared it on Twitter and facebook … come on daddy needs a few more ornaments for his tree …LOL

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    I would like Santa Goofy to send us good weather for our trip to Disney in January! If not possible, then Mary Poppins in bluray.

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    I would like Santa Goofy to bring me a job for Christmas, even better if it’s a job with Disney. Or if not that, I would like a collection of Disney movies in 3D.

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    3ric Villalobos

    I Shared and im Following on Facebook,Google+,Youtube and Subscribed to your newsletter.

    I want Goofy Santa to bring me Pixar DVDs and Toy Story Collection Toys lol :0) YOU ROCK CHIP & CO!!

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    Victoria H

    I posted my tree. Thank you for the chance! I really want Santa Goofy to bring me some Disney ornaments, I want to make a Disney tree!

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    Kimberly Baker

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    I would like Santa Goofy to bring me a Vinylmation for Christmas.

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    Love these ornaments — my kids would love getting them — I follow on FB and get the newsletter — unfortunately wont have my tree up any time soon to send a pic. Thanks for all the wonderful give-aways. Karen

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    I do not have a facebook account so I cannot upload our tree. But it is loaded with disney ornaments!

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    Laura AM

    We want Santa Goofy to bring us Cars2 for Christmas! The boys love it

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    Laura AM

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    Laura AM

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    I have subscribe to the newsletter from your site, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I would love Disney Cruise Line as my gift.

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    stefanie moore

    i’d love the lion king or cars decoration

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    Mcfarland Heather

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    I want Santa Goofy to bring me a decorated tree and presents to our room at Disney! 🙂

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    Renea Pike

    I want santa to bring me colored hot chocolate from disneyland resort. I bought some while vacationing, it was a 3 pack of blue, red, and green hot cocoa that had stitch, monsters inc. and something else on it, but I’ve never found them online. 🙂

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    Hmmm….what do I want Santa Goofy to bring me??
    A Happy New Year!! We will be at WDW!!!
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    Thanks again!!

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