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    Angela Thomas

    These things always make me cry a little. Disney has a generous heart. God bless the little children. #ymbada

  2. 11

    Lisa Dillard

    What dreams are made of! When will this episode be on? God bless and much Pixie dust sprinkled on all that were involved in this. #ymbada

  3. 10

    do whatcha gotta do

    Now that is Magical! #ymbada

  4. 9

    Nicki Wilson

    This is just awesome! Love seeing Disney helping the community! #ymbada

  5. 8

    Jennielynn Mitchell

    Such a great thing all these people do. #ymbada

  6. 7

    Adina Clarke

    Oh what a wonderful thing Disney does 🙂 #‎ymbada‬

  7. 6

    Melissa Salinas

    I LOVE that Disney gives back to these Children and their families. They are so very deserving!! <3

  8. 5

    Deb O'Kane

    Awesome! #ymbada

  9. 4


    This gave me chills……the Disney spirit, for sure! #ymbada

  10. 3

    Cher Reinzan Long

    I love the whole “Move that Bus”! This is an awesome thing that an awesome place has done! God bless these families!!! #ymbada

  11. 2

    Naomi Taylor

    This is amazing. #ymbada

  12. 1


    Love this 🙂 Disney does many great things ‪#‎ymbada‬

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