1. 153


    not even funny

  2. 152


    It’s about time. I hate coke products. I like it way back in the day before they changed it. Now it just tastes flat. People worried about hyper kids…They should be drinking water not soda anyway and us adults need all the caffeine we can get to keep up with the little buggers.

  3. 151


    I feel the same way about coke products. I have been bring my own mt dew into the park for ever and just getting ice at the parks and resorts

  4. 150


    coca-cola is NOT leaving disney

    coke is it

  5. 149


    coca-cola is NOT leaving disney.

  6. 148


    coca-cola is NOT leaving disney.
    i hate pepsi

  7. 147


    this is NOT TRUE coca-cola is not leaving disney.

  8. 146


    take this down this is NOT TRUE coca-cola is not leaving disney ..

  9. 145

    Victor Nawrocki

    What a SAD April Fools joke. But Starbucks! That I wish was a joke

  10. 144

    Susanne Love

    This is a ridiculous joke! First of all Mr. Walt Disney was a huge Coca Cola lover and would not agree with Pepsi in his park. My Grandfather dealt with Mr. Disney himself as a sales representative for Coke, and both would be turning in their grave with anger. This is a horrible Joke! Saying there’s no more Coke at Disneyland is like saying MIckey and Donald have been replaced as well..Stupid Joke!!! I would rather not drink anything than drink PIss Pepsi.

  11. 143

    Tina Marie Macintyre-Grochowsk

    Lol….I don’t care because I drink ice water any way! I’m a nurse and anybody who gives their child soda on a regular basis should be slapped. Bring water bottles and request ice and water. You will save money and hundreds of calories as well.

  12. 142


    Did I say that soda wasn’t bad for your teeth? No, if you had the ability to read, you would see that I said Dentist”s say Mountain Dew is the worst soda for your teeth. Who is the tard now? You should go see a dentist and get educated!!!

  13. 141

    Vanessa Gordon

    APRIL FOOLS !!!! BUT my Hunny wishes it was true…

  14. 140

    Judi Shanoskie

    I will agree that the coffee in the past has been awful. The current Joffrey’s offering is a vast improvement. But I will never waste incredible amounts of money on Starbucks coffee, which is so bitter it needs extra-extra sugar to even choke it down. I sometimes think people only drink it to be ‘current’….but to each his own. And how old does one have to be, to be invested in Disney? Because I am not in my 50s!

  15. 139

    Dianne Gregg

    I guess we all have our preferences. I am one of the ones who is very happy to hear about the Pepsi change. I prefer Pepsi over Coke, however, if I am thirsty enough, anything will do!

  16. 138

    Chip Confer

    There is also a link in the article that sends you to a picture that says April Fools. 🙂

  17. 137

    Nancy Knutson

    i hate the taste of PEPSI – KEEP COCA-COLA!

  18. 136


    Good point but try relaying it without the sarcasm please. You will win more hearts and minds to logic that way. It is frustrating beating something like this through years of misunderstanding but we must try.

  19. 135

    Janine Isles

    I was getting really excited because I hate Coke and prefer Pepsi 🙁

  20. 134

    Edward Smith

    Thank you for participating in our April Fools joke for 2015 but the above news story is untrue.

    This is the last line of the story. Do most of you folks read all the way through or just look at the headlines and head straight to the comments?

  21. 133


    nooooooooo! Why? Why? Why?

  22. 132


    I don’t drink too much soda. Occasionally an orange Fanta. Pepsi does have Brisk raspberry tea wich is good. Usually I just get a free cup of ice water. And Mark stop being a troll.

  23. 131


    Pepsi is a communist company?

  24. 130


    Thank you!!! I was thinking exactly the same.

  25. 129


    I will cancel my Disney vacation, just because of this! I hate Pepsi with a passion.

  26. 128


    Well I still lose cause I drink DP which isn’t found anywhere at Disney

  27. 127

    Dana Lind

    I am not a Mountain Dew fan, so this doesn’t thrill me at all. but Disney is going to do what Disney is going to do, no matter what I think. I will still love Disney, just have to bring my own Coke to the parks.

  28. 126

    Debbie Goodman

    I agree. Warm Coke is better than Pepsi!

  29. 125

    Debbie Goodman

    No more refillable cups for me!!! I can’t stand the taste of Pepsi and I don’t drink water. This stinks!!!

  30. 124


    This better be an April Fools joke! Pepsi is horrible, how could they do this!! Well I guess I will be bringing in my own bottles of Coke now!

  31. 123


    This really sucks! Guess I’ll be bringing in my own diet coke bottles.

  32. 122


    Also, Pepsi sucks 🙂

  33. 121


    It’s a joke…the article points to that -> Pepsi has been around far longer than 50 years, and Pepsi was actually the partner of Disneyland when it opened, not Coca Cola.

  34. 120


    My goodness – My family definitely has a strong opinion about this (while we don’t drink a ton of soda, when you’re at Disney World, you are on VACATION! The perfect time for a treat!) – but I won’t say my opinion because there are so many ornery people attacking people who are just sharing their opinion! Be nice, folks! Normally people don’t get nasty on this website. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many comments to one of the articles on Chip and Co – LOL!

  35. 119

    Robyn Burton

    I am absolutely despondent. No Coke, no Minute Maid juices, and possibly most important, no Dasani. This is an epic Fail.

  36. 118

    Michelle Durbin

    I am so very sorry to have offended you by using the abbreviated word for something I truly cannot stand! Oh, and by the way, I stopped drinking pepsi when I was 14 because I realized how much better Coke tastes.

  37. 117

    Paul Augustine

    Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!! (The bright side is it may keep me from drinking soda while I am at Disney World…)

  38. 116


    Not a fan at all of Pepsi! I will miss seeing the original Club Cool. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, or should I say in this case, screw it up! Bottled water please!

  39. 115


    If this is true I am not happy either. It will be flavored water for me. What where they thinking if this in indeed true to fix something that was not broken. Some of the changes are really getting me to say, What are they thinking???????

  40. 114


    coke no pepsi

  41. 113



  42. 112


    Hope this is a joke. If true we will discontinue our visits and trips to WDW.

  43. 111

    Deborah Pierce Davis

    I hope this is an April Fool’s Joke!

  44. 110

    Elaine Paullus

    NOOOO, I hate Pepsi products, I NEVER drink them and wont start. Very disappointed.

  45. 109

    Rebecca Wiant Durrett

    See my reply to Mark. Talking about my area only.

  46. 108

    Rebecca Wiant Durrett

    That statement was made from local area prices as told to me by local restaurant owners. Many have gone to Pepsi as it is cheaper for them to serve than Coke. Also retail is often less for Pepsi than Coke. Again talking about my area only.

  47. 107

    Chip Confer

    It was our April Fools Joke

  48. 106


    Well at least I can get water since if its changing I won’t be drinking Pepsi.

  49. 105


    I hope this is real! As an avid Pepsi lover, everywhere I go is Coke, Coke, Coke. I, for one, am tired of it. It’s time the lovers of Pepsi got to enjoy a theme park for once! Stand up and unite, my Pepsi brethren!
    Or, you know, it’d be nice if places had an option for their customers. That’d be okay too.

  50. 104


    Anyone over the age of 14 who types ‘sux’ should be forced to attend a mandatory English class.

  51. 103


    Hi, it’s 2015, you can say ‘sucks’ without Satan rising up out of the ground and dragging you down to the hot place.

  52. 102


    Forced? Was someone pouring it down your throat? You know you could always drink water? Tea? Coffee?

  53. 101


    Drink water anyway, stop making yourself and your kids into fat sugar blobs.

  54. 100


    Maybe you should be drinking water anyway.

  55. 99


    It’s called an exclusive contract. Disney says to Coke, we will serve your products exclusively and post your logos in exchange for you paying us $$$ amount annually. Coke says, sure, it’s guaranteed sales and great publicity.

  56. 98


    You should be drinking water anyway.

  57. 97


    Protip: The water would be way better for you, maybe you should do that anyway rather than supporting one of the main industries responsible for childhood obesity.

  58. 96


    Starbucks was the best thing that happened to Disney coffee in years. The swill they pretended was coffee was undrinkable. Starbucks might not be gourmet coffee but it beats the pants off that other garbage. You are way too invested in Disney for someone in their 50s. (Guessing based on your pic.)

  59. 95


    They’re both the same price. Love, someone who does business purchasing.

  60. 94


    None of these people have ever read a book in their lives, that’s why they’re on the internet losing their minds because a theme park will serve one brand of sugar solution over the other.

  61. 93


    All soda is bad for your teeth, mommytard.

  62. 92


    Just about all soda has caffeine, mommytard. Giving it to kids borders on child abuse anyway. And people wonder why their kids are fat.

  63. 91


    What a speshul snoflake you are.

  64. 90

    Billy Bryant

    They recently signed a deal for Walt Disney Co’s first China resort to be supplied by PepsiCo, I see NOTHING anywhere else (other than this same rumor popping up many times over the last few decades on Snopes and other “Factfinding” sites) regarding a Global Switchover. I’d say this is an April Fools Joke.

  65. 89

    Nina green

    Please no!! Coke is the best! If it isn’t broke DON’T fix it!! STOP with all the change already!

  66. 88

    Melanie Hinson Woodall

    That just totally ruined my day… I’m not feeling very magical right now!

  67. 87

    Emily Border

    This is not really happening. It’s an April fool’s day joke. Not everything on the internet is true…

  68. 86


    This is a joke….Coke is not leaving Disney.

  69. 85


    Wish it was true! Always have to take a trip off property when I visit WDW to pick up Pepsi. Oh, well, in the meantime, this was a funny April Fool’s Day prank!

  70. 84


    PLEASE be another April fools joke!! Coke is so much better than Pepsi in every way! I too would rather bring a water bottle and refill it all day then have to drink Pepsi! Another thing is Coke has been with Disney since the beginning I think it would be pretty bady to do away with that partnership!

  71. 83

    Jackie Warren Thompson

    Hoping this is an April Fools’ Day joke. Otherwise, worst decision ever.

  72. 82

    Sharon Bertsch

    What a mistake, if this is true, it is very disappointing.

  73. 81

    Scott Foster

    Coke is nasty. Pepsi rules.

    That being said, I hope this is just a prank.

  74. 80


    I wish this was true but I’m sure it’s an April Fools joke. The only way I can drink Coke is with rum!

  75. 79

    Michael R Manenkoff

    I hope this ISN’T an April Fool’s joke cause Coke sucks, Pepsi rules!!!

    Actually it’s just a matter of taste and preference, but with everyone piping up with how much “Pepsi sucks” I had to say something. I personally prefer Pepsi over Coke but will drink either one.

  76. 78


    I’m sure Disney mistakenly forgot to call each of you for your opinion. Bottom line is Pepsi has a better overall portfolio than Coke. Market trends show that carbonated soft drinks are losing market share over innovative soft drinks and healthier choices. If this rumor is true, this would be a great move for Disney as they will cash in on all of the innovative products carried by Pepsi.

  77. 77

    Kelly Collins


  78. 76

    Kelly Collins

    I will drink water before I will put nasty Pepsi in my mouth. The only thing from Pepsi I like is Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper. I have NEVER seen that anywhere.

  79. 75

    Jennifer Munns

    hmmm… since when is pepsi cheaper? or shall i say where is pepsi cheaper? where i live it is more expensive than coke. i mean, we are talking almost double the price. i had to buy coke the other day and was so upset. i used to love coke, but coke actually rots your teeth more than pepsi does. i switched from coke to pepsi like 10 yrs ago and i won’t ever switch back. i will drink a coke every once in a while but i prefer pepsi. however, the fact that a 6pk of pepsi costs $4.97 here, when a 6 pk of coke is $2.50 is a huge price difference. (prices for the 6pks of 16oz bottles).

  80. 74


    Yesssss! Hope is real

  81. 73

    Patricia Saizan

    Don’t see the humor in this at all.

  82. 72


    I loathe Pepsi products.

  83. 71

    Mary Ferington

    I do hope this is a Big April fools joke. Never was a fan of Pepsi. Been Coke drinker since I kid. Guess will be drinking water if I ever get back to Disney.

  84. 70

    Michelle Kipper Hutchins

    Can’t stand Pepsi, thinking about not renewing my annual passes. I am over Frozen too!

  85. 69


    Thank god, coke makes the worst beverages. Bring on the Red Bull, get rid of the crappy monster energy!

  86. 68

    Judi Shanoskie

    Ugh I’m hoping it’s a joke too. Pepsi never tasted good to me. And I have been told emphatically by many cast members thru the years “Mickey Mouse doesn’t drink Pepsi!!” First we’re saddled with Starbucks, now Pepsi…..I’m afraid of what might be next!!

  87. 67

    Denny Woerner

    Pepsi is a lot better than coke. Coke even knew that when they tried changing their product revealing “new coke” but in reality it’s only an opinion. Nothing is black and white, why can’t they just offer both like most major chains?

  88. 66

    Karen Miller Wagner

    Pepsi is awful. I really hope this is not true. I need to drink caffeine free products and there caffeine free products suck Will end up drinking bottled water for sure. Will not need to buy a rapid fill mug next trip.

  89. 65


    “I’ll have a Coke”
    “Is Pepsi okay”
    “Is Monopoly money okay? No? Then I will have water”

    ^true story

  90. 64


    If I want cola, and find out a place only has pepsi, I’ll go thirsty instead of drinking anything.

  91. 63

    Rebecca Wiant Durrett

    Please say this isn’t so. HATE, HATE, HATE pepsi. With the money Disney makes they can afford Coke. Pepsi is cheaper for a reason, it is HORRIBLE,

  92. 62


    If this isn’t an April’s fool day joke I’d be in seventh heave! Mountain Dew is my favorite drink! I’ve always hated cokes sronghold on everything.

  93. 61

    Patty Sebok

    I try not to drink it too often, but I am a lifetime Pepsi fan, so I would love to see the change.

  94. 60

    Jean Houlihan

    This is the worst decision! Pepsi is the worst!

  95. 59

    Pamela Weber

    Well since Pepsi is over 100 years old that alone is a giant clue that this is a April Fools Prank!

  96. 58

    Les Adkins

    I hope your right LilysUncleJenny, that it’s an April fools joke, hate Pepsi, love Coke and Disney! If it’s true it’s almost unAmerican

  97. 57


    No, I am NOT excited about this. Pepsi sucks. Coke is the best. Disney really screwed this up. Well, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. I’ll think about all the money I’ll be saving not buying soda and it will be better health wise too.

  98. 56

    Lori Baker Brierley

    Please say it isnt so!!!

  99. 55

    Chef Beth

    I really hope this is another April fool’s joke…I hate Pepsi!

  100. 54

    Randy Blankenship

    Pepsi, Can you say thank you Frito Lay for being the number one snack food in the World so that you can get some business like this from major corporations.

  101. 53


    Nope. Lay’s potato chips are still all over the place…

  102. 52

    Larry Henderson

    PEPIS RULES THis is the best news EVER THank you very much Disney. Mom and I are both BIG Pepis Fans. Can’t wait to go back and have a DEW

  103. 51

    Samantha Kushner

    Hahahahaha. You’re right! Coke is great for you! Drink up 🙂

  104. 50


    I am 66 years old and a lifetime Pepsi addict. I have zero health problems and my insides are still not rotten. Where do come up with your facts?

  105. 49

    Sharon Marrin Riebel

    This is really mean, it totally made my day for all of 13 seconds until I realized it’s April Fool’s. lol I would LOVE to see Pepsi come to the World.

  106. 48


    Pepsi sucks. If I wanted Pepsi I would water down my Coca-Cola.

  107. 47

    Nancy Leblanc

    I’M very disappointed! I hate Pepsi. and alltheir products. Mountain Dew is loaded with caffeine. There will be a lot of hyper kids running around if they drink it.

  108. 46


    Really hope this is an April Fool’s joke. I will bring my own soda if I can only get pepsi. Keep the coke.

  109. 45

    Amber Walton

    I don’t think they would change club cool to mountain dew drinks

  110. 44

    Kim Gouer O'Leary

    I am praying that this is NOT an April Fool’s joke! I hate Coke! It is about time Coke loses a giant contract to Pepsi. So sick of seeing Coke every where Bring on the PEPSI!!!!

  111. 43

    Misty Black

    I hope this is a joke. I hate Pepsi!

  112. 42


    Pepsi tastes better. Coke just knows how to better market their product. Sodas used to be a splurge for me, but now I stay away from the stuff.

  113. 41

    Rhett J. Reeves

    This BETTER be an April Fool’s joke. I’d rather drink a hot Coke than a cold Pepsi.

  114. 40


    I hope this is true. While I am not a fan of specifically Pepsi… THEY HAVE MTN DEW!!!!!!!

  115. 39

    Samantha Kushner

    Wow this deeply scares me how you take this so seriously haha. These drinks are rotting peoples teeth, bones, stomach lining! And do people care!? No why should they?? They’ve been brainwashed by the companies who say it’s good for you and your kids!! Drink up 🙂

  116. 38

    Linda Kotz

    So glad it is not true!!

  117. 37

    Samantha Kushner

    Read a book. Don’t drink any of this crap!!! Do people not care it’s rotting their insides!? Drink all you want…the worst thing in the world when I see adults give go kids without a flinch…

  118. 36


    Has to be a prank. Frito-lay which is with Frito’s left the parks, didn’t it?

  119. 35

    Keith Robey


  120. 34

    Arthur P

    Yes Pepsi is older, but PepsiCo is celebrating its 50th anniversay this summer

  121. 33

    Barbara Ballou

    My husband would have loved this – big Mountain dew fans in my house.

  122. 32

    Cory Notrica

    Actually, 2015 is the 50th anniversary of “PepsiCo,” when Frito-Lay and Pepsi merged.

  123. 31


    First clue, Pepsi is waaaay older than 50.

  124. 30

    Rachel C.

    Please tell me this is an April Fool’s Day Joke. I will just about die. Coke is superior to Pepsi. I mean if I have to have pepsi products; id probably go to Mountain Dew. Regular Pepsi doesn’t taste as good as Coke.

  125. 29

    Norm Blackhall

    Absolutely great news! As Annual Passholders, we visit WDW many times a year. We always preferred Pepsi products over Coke products. This change will be a nice addition to our visits, not to have to be forced to drink Coke anymore.

  126. 28

    Beth A Murray

    April fool’s joke right?? At least I hope so!! I hate Pepsi products!

  127. 27

    Vicky Taylor

    It doesn’t really matter to me if it is Coke or Pepsi products…I haven’t had any pop for 15 years but when I did drink it, I drank Pepsi…and yes I did pass the Coke/Pepsi challenge test! Most of my family prefers Coke products though…no accounting for bad taste…lol

  128. 26


    WDW & Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwback = Heaven. I would get to stop bringing in my own from home lol

  129. 25


    I hope this is an April Fool’s joke too because I hate Pepsi!! There will be no need for a refillable mug for my group if this is true!!

  130. 24


    Pepsi is awful… but so is Coke, but at least it tastes good. 🙂

  131. 23


    i’m glad i love Coke!

  132. 22

    Mary D

    It is too bad its april fools. Because it should be PEPSI!

  133. 21


    I sure hope this isn’t true!! Not just because I hate Pepsi products, but Mountain Dew is considered to be the worst soda for your teeth per quite a few dentists I know. It also contains more sugar than any other soda. This would be a bad move in my opinion!!!

  134. 20

    Dawn Ruelo

    I’m glad it’s not true!!! Pepsi=yuck!!!

  135. 19

    Jo Kattz

    I hate Pepsi. Everything from the ads to the products is horrid. I sincerely hope this is not really happening. Pepsi is not a good pairing. If It is true, I will not go into the refreshment centers mentioned. Please be a prank!

  136. 18


    So hope too that it’s an April fools joke love come nor Pepsi although I am the only one in my family that does

  137. 17


    I really hope this is an April Fool’s joke. Pepsi is awful.

  138. 16

    Arleen Barrett Biga

    Hoping it was true, I like Diet Pepsi, but, not Diet Coke. Wish they had both.

  139. 15

    Leon Howard

    I LOVE Coke and Disney… I DO NOT LIKE Pepsi…Be nice April FOOLs

  140. 14

    Sachia Perrine

    I hate Pepsi…. so was hoping it wasn’t true…keep hoping for April Fools

  141. 13

    Teri Kowalski Noel

    The worst part about seeing this prank is that I could totally see it happening since shanghai disney does have a contract with pepsi. (According to a Reuters article that I’m pretty sure wasn’t a prank.)

  142. 12


    I hope it’s not an April fools joke. I love Pepsi products WAY more than coke products for sure.

  143. 11

    Jacqueline Alonzo

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I’m assuming this is an April Fools Joke. Not funny!!!!

  144. 10

    Heather Hall DeVoe

    Let me guess April Fool’s

  145. 9


    I HATE Pepsi!!! I guess I will just drink water or bring my own drinks!! Pepsi Is YUCK!!!

  146. 8


    I got super excited for a minute there. I would get a lot more use out of my Rapid Fill mug, that’s for sure!

  147. 7

    Donna Ghiloni Gusek

    I HATE Pepsi!!

  148. 6


    I assumed this was an April Fools joke. I still nearly had a heart attack, Pepsi s*cks.

  149. 5


    did you click on the press release? 😉

  150. 4


    You guys are so mean. 🙂

  151. 3

    Michelle Durbin

    It is funny how taste is…. I HATE PEPSI… while others hate Coke…. I sure hope this is April fools cause this news sux

  152. 2

    Maria Kouknas Kollar

    I’m sad this isn’t true. I love Pepsi way more than Coke!

  153. 1


    sure hope that this is April Fool’s prank

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