How Far Will a Disney Bride Go to Achieve Her Theme?


Disney and weddings have been symbiotic for a long time now…What Disney lover has not thought about getting engaged, married or renewing vows at Disney?  I admit I am guilty! I have ordered the wedding videos and dreamed about the day I can have Cinderella’s carriage drive me down Main Street, USA (yes in my dreams I get married in front of the castle…again it is a dream I know.)

One bride and groom decided to live out her Disney dreams and went all out on her wedding theme. She did not have the wedding in Disney, pretty far from anything Disney related in fact, but instead had a Disney-themed wedding in St. Louis, Missouri. Jamie and Chris are the bride and groom and Shari Photography told the story in pictures below. From her Ariel hair and brushing it with a fork, to her bridesmaids being all the other Disney princesses (which is how I think it should be!) and the ushers being the Disney princes, I would say she had the perfect Disney wedding for her dreams!

These are just a few pictures of this “Under the Sea” wedding that are some of my favorites…tell me what type of Disney wedding do you want to have?

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  • Karen Connelly

    I had a lot of disney elements in my wedding. I got married in a castle and came down the aisle to “a dream is a wish’ my dress was a bit belleish and our cake was magical. We’re disneymooning in Florida in 90 days :)

  • MouseEarredPirateChild

    Our wedding was of Aladdin. I didn’t go down the isle in teal, but my ring bearer and flower girl were dressed up as Aladdin and Jasmine. We also got married on a Magic Carpet. :D