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    John J. Browne

    It appears you may be split between 2 different promotion periods. They don’t seem to be giving any leeway when it comes to this. After getting my whole trip included in the dining plan, I added another day on the tail end, yup ROOM ONLY again as all rooms alloted to the free dining were taken.

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    pixie dust

    I am getting dusted at disney from 9-22 through 9-29 in the little mermaid rooms got free dining and upgraded to the bretter dining plan we were not able to get the last night on the dining plan and was told we would have to check out on the 29th and recheck in for our last night, but it would bewithout the meal plan. It seems silly to me considering we will be there for the previous 6 days under the dining plan and unable to get it the last day. I don’t know if anyone can shed any light on this subject. Would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

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    They must have changed things because I booked our stay arriving 9/29 in AOA with the free dining included.

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    I had to split my vacation at Little Mermaid for 9-15 to 9-26 in two, 9-15 to 9-22 with free QS, then re-book 9-22 (room only) to 9-26 without. Got the 10 day tix with first half so they didn’t factor into price, but we did knock $900 by doing this.I had a wonderful agent at Disney Who took care of the change. Just hope I keep same room throughout. Luckily I had already made my reservations the day Mermaid opened for booking.We told friends who were thinking of joining us down there, by the time we called them to tell about the dining plan, they could only book 9-15 to 9 -20 the other days were gone. Keep checking,

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    Art Of Animation Booking Little Mermaid with free Quick Service dining 9-15 to 9-22 only. Had a reservation & amended it to include the free plan.

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